Yes, There Are Tea Party Democrats
Not many of them, but they do exist
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Jul 6, 2011 10:17 AM CDT
In this file photo taken April 15, 2011, in Las Vegas, Diana Orrock of Las Vegas listens to speakers during a tea party rally to support Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval's promise not to raise taxes.   (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

(Newser) – Think "Tea Party" and you'll probably think "Republican"—but it turns out Tea Party Democrats do, in fact, exist. But it's hard to say just how many, and harder still to gauge how much of an impact they have on elections, the Washington Post reports. Polls have put the percentage of Democrats in the Tea Party movement at anywhere from 4% (CNN) to 15% (Gallup); for her part, Michele Bachmann believes it's actually 20%.

And who are they? Bachmann describes Tea Party Democrats as "disaffected," and a Republican pollster explains that some Democrats are shifting to the Tea Party because they are "anti-spending and for budget austerity." Even so, no Democrat has yet emerged as a significant Tea Party candidate, and Democrats didn't cross over to vote Republican in numbers any higher than normal during the 2010 elections.

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Jul 6, 2011 11:35 PM CDT
I consider myself pretty liberal and in theory I agree with a good bit of tea party ideas. There seems to a pretty big disconnect between those ideas and practice though. What's on paper isn't horrible, a tea party rally on the other hand...... Plus too lets be honest they aren't libertarians, they are republicans and have been co-oped into the party.
Jul 6, 2011 7:23 PM CDT
I consider myself a conservative person. By cutting back our family of four has lived for four years on one income while my wife stays home with the kids. We live within our means, and of course the government needs to as well. But I have yet to see a "tea party" candidate get beyond slogans and actually vote to cut government spending in their district. And as for the "tea party" supporters, it always seems to come down to cutting something else somewhere else, but whenever specifics are raised they won't do it. In other words, they are hypocrites who want something for nothing. When I start hearing them say "keep MY disability payments," "take MYmom off medicare," "don't reimburse me when MY bank fails," etc.then I'll be impressed. Til then it's all noise.
Jul 6, 2011 3:38 PM CDT
I'm a Sovereign American, I do not let the liberal establishment divide me from other americans through "political correctness" ie; "AFRICAN AMERICAN", "JEW AMERICAN", "GERMAN AMERICAN", etc, etc... Reclaim your sovereignty, Maintain the moral high ground against the government and police, Remove yourself from their para dimes (REPUBLICAN VS DEMOCRAT).. There is only one RIGHT to a situation, and most often then not both sides are WRONG... And step 3, Treat everyone as if they are your brother and we are a brotherhood of mankind (woMAN are part of mankind also), no one has to be ignorant if you take the care and time to educate. Constantly retain vigilance against the government, Keep a sharp eye on their lies and manipulation, if you do that you can see through their agenda crystal clear.