Circles? Sparks? How to Master the World of Google+
Google's new social media platform is no Facebook clone
By Sarah Whitmire,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 17, 2011 5:45 PM CDT
The more people added to your circles, to closer to real-time your streams will become.   (Google Plus)

(Newser) – You're a pro with lingo like "friends" and "walls." Too bad that vocabulary won't help you get up to speed on Google+, whose bread and butter is Circles, Hangouts, and Sparks. Writing for the Huffington Post, Craig Kanalley pulls together 15 confusion-busting tips for Google+ newbies.

  1. Start by finding your pals: This is as easy as putting search skills to use. Google the name of a person, place, company, etc., in the "Find People" search box. Open each profile page, hover over "Add to Circles" and then drop them into one (ie, Friends, Family, or a Circle of your own design).

  1. Then "circle" people you don’t know: This seems counterintuitive, but the beauty of Google+ is that you don't have to have a close bond with everyone you add.
  2. Create a whole bunch of circles: Kanalley recommends that you have "lots" of circles with hundreds of people in them. Think outside the box: Beyond friends and family, you can create circles around sports, social issues, industries, etc.
  3. "Circle" Googlers: There's no one else more in the know about fresh Google+ features or smart uses, writes Kanalley.
  4. Customize your "Sparks": This is sort of like a personalized RSS reader. Add interests ranging from your favorite sports team to vegan cooking, and you'll be delivered news on that topic.
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