The Douchiest Colleges of 2011
Ivy Leagues, and a few 'lucky' state school get top douche marks
By Sarah Whitmire,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 24, 2011 3:22 PM CDT
In this photo taken by AP Images for Konica Minolta, a fan of Cornell shows his support during a game in Baltimore.   (Larry French/AP Images for Konica Minolta)

(Newser) – For those who felt like you went to school with a high quota of douchebags, here's your confirmation: The Rogers & Littleton Guide to America’s Douchiest Colleges is the new authoritative guide to institutions of high education where a sheepskin amounts to a certificate in lifelong douchebaggery. The top five, via GQ:

  1. Cornell: These insufferable douchebags probably aren't sure their $160,000 education is worth it, considering almost no one realizes Cornell is an Ivy League school.

  1. Penn State: For douchebags on a budget, Penn State students have all the drunken stupor of a typical state college experience, but with a particularly unbelievable devotion to college football.
  2. Yale: Good news for Yale douchebags: Alums are either those who kick themselves for never becoming US president or those who become US president.
  3. Stanford: Take the pretentious douchebaggery of an East Coast Ivy League, mix in a little Silicon Valley, and you’re left with a douchebag breeding ground that’s turned out such illustrious winners as Tiger Woods. Who didn't even graduate.
  4. Pepperdine: Dubbed the perfect school for students who split their time dreaming of abstinence and being a character on The Hills. Douchebag extraordinaire Rod Blagojevich is an alum.

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