Regent Grads Score Big On Bush Team

Christian law school has direct route into Justice Department
By Colleen Barry,  Newser Staff
Posted Apr 10, 2007 7:00 AM CDT
Regent University   (, School Guide Publications)

(Newser) – Regent University, the evangelical college founded by Pat Robertson that  graduated disgraced Gonzales aide Monica Goodling, has quietly become a huge source of like-minded talent for the Bush administration: Despite its marginal academic credentials, 150 Regent University alumni have been placed in federal positions since 2001.

Bush's appointment of a former Regent dean in a personnel role in the White House  paved the way for Regent grads, a path further eased when former Attorney General John Ashcroft, now a professor at Regent, eliminated the peer screening process previously required to hire U.S. attorneys. Sixty percent of the class of 1999, Goodling's class, failed to pass the bar exam on the first try.