Journal Editor Quits Over Climate Change Hullabaloo
Takes responsibility for article that deliberately ignored counter-arguments
By Mark Russell, Newser Staff | Suggested by kokuaguy
Posted Sep 5, 2011 7:03 AM CDT
The editor of the science journal Remote Sensing has resigned, after publishing a paper rebutting climate change science in July.   (©NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

(Newser) – The editor-in-chief of a scientific journal that published a revisionist paper against climate change has quit, reports the BBC. "If a paper presents interesting scientific arguments, even if controversial, it should be published and responded to in the open literature," said Wolfgang Wagner in his resignation letter. The problem, however, was not the paper's controversial nature, but that its arguments have already been noted and refuted elsewhere—"a fact which was ignored" by the paper's authors and missed by peer reviewers.

Critics of the paper also noted that Wagner's Remote Sensing is a 2-year-old journal about monitoring the Earth from space, but is not specifically about climate or climate change. "Those who recognize that their ideas are weak but seek to get them into the literature by finding weaknesses in the peer review system are taking a thoroughly disreputable approach," said a climate change scientist, who said he respected Wagner for taking responsibility and resigning. The scientists who wrote the original paper, however, are standing behind their research, denying criticism of their work. For more about retractions and bad science, check out this story.

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Sep 5, 2011 3:52 PM CDT
Didn't K-guy already do this story? And if so, why did not Newser just promote his story instead of doing their own? Maybe I'm missing something; this site changes so much it's hard for an old guy like me to keep track.
Sep 5, 2011 11:09 AM CDT
In other words, don't dare question us liberals or you will lose your job.
Sep 5, 2011 9:48 AM CDT
Republican or not, and “science bible thumper” or not, we all know the CO2 science of unstoppable warming was a tragic exaggeration and 25 years of needless panic has made fear mongering neocons out of all of us. “SCIENCE” gave us pesticides too don’t forget so bowing in pure belief to our gods of science made us look like goose-stepping Greenzis, not rational progressives. Let me make this clear; climate change wasn’t “sustainability”, it was a specific Human CO2 END OF THE WORLD death threat to billions of children and dressing it up as anything else is the real lie that has left climate change being our Iraq War of climate WMD lies and fear mongering. The undeniable proof of scientific exploitation is fact that thousands of scientists strangely outnumbered the protesters and they refused to march in the streets with us and are NOT acting like it’s the danger they said it was even after Obama didn’t mentioned the “crisis” in his State of the Union Address. We and the thousands of scientists should have all been acting like this was the comet hit of an emergency that we all cried it was. Fear is always unsustainable and now CO2 “science” has done to science what abusive priests did to religion We have condemned billions of children to a catastrophic CO2 demise with such childish glee and selfish flippancy that I can no longer look my children in the eyes and tell them to SAVE THE PLANET from evil Human CO2 or they will experience the worst disaster imaginable; climate crisis. I am a former believer and this planet lover will continue stewardship of the planet but without the CO2 mistake. Face it; nobody was going to vote YES for taxing the air to make the weather colder anyways.