Wife Regains Husband's Love After Severe Amnesia

He lost 46 years of memories in an instant

By John Johnson,  Newser Staff

Posted Dec 8, 2011 6:31 PM CST
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(Newser) – When 46-year-old Scott Bolzan slipped and fell in 2008, he suffered a brain injury that instantly wiped out all of his memory, writes his wife, Joan Bolzan, in the Daily Beast. He knew nothing of her, their two kids, or the business they ran. "Our marriage, our family, our life, deleted," writes Bolzan. Doctors initially thought the memories would return in time, but as it turns out, they're almost certainly gone for good. When that was becoming clear, a friend jolted Bolzan with the thought, “Oh my God, what if he doesn’t fall in love with you again?”

After that, she worked on relating their 30-year love story to him in bits and pieces, through photos and stories. "While I was creating some reality to our years together, I think I was etching in him the depth of my love for him, and he was realizing what 'love' was," she writes. "I don’t believe that I was reprogramming his love for me back into his heart. I believe, now reflecting on why he fell in love with me, that the fact that I kept loving and supporting him as I had always done helped, along with pure instinct. His heart began to remember what his brain had lost." Read the full column here.

Amnesia robbed a man of 46 years of memories.
Amnesia robbed a man of 46 years of memories.   (Shutterstock)
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