McRib Too Healthy for You? Try the McRibster

It's a McRib deep-fried and topped with cheese ... and bacon

By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff

Posted Mar 4, 2012 3:12 PM CST
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(Newser) – Everyone knows the McRib is awesome, inspiring obsessed devotees to drive 10 hours for a taste. But what would be awesomer? How about breading the "rib" meat, deep-frying it, topping it with cheese, throwing on some "spicy-sweet chili sauce" and honey mustard, and then, because that's not quite enough, adding bacon? That's exactly what Austria did when it created the McRibster, a new sandwich that will require you to book an airline ticket right now, because it's only available until March 27. Some reactions:

  • Huffington Post: "If you've ever eaten a McRib, your first reaction probably wasn't, 'This could really use some cheese and bacon. And a dip in a deep fryer.'"
  • Consumerist: "What in holy heck is the McRibster and why can't we get one here?" It sounds "even less rib-like than the McRib. At least that has barbecue sauce."
  • Burger Business: "It looks good but it looks more like a pork tenderloin sandwich with its breaded and fried pork patty than like a McRib with its fabulous greasiness."
In case you're wondering what that "rib" meat really is, according to the official website and Google Translate, it's pork and ham. Can't make it to Austria in time? Well, at least you can "like" the McRibster on its Facebook page. (In much more serious McRib news, click to see what McDonald's is doing to make the sandwich more humane.)

The McRibster.
The McRibster.   (
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