For Trayvon Killing, Bill Maher Blames ... Liberals
'Real Time' host implicates liberals for giving up on gun law battle
By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff
Posted Mar 31, 2012 4:07 PM CDT
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(Newser) – Surprise surprise, Bill Maher minced no words last night in giving his opinion on the latest Trayvon Martin news, Huffington Post reports. Showing a video on "Real Time" of George Zimmerman arriving at a police station, Maher recounted Zimmerman's story about getting a broken nose fighting Martin—and added, "I'm going to ask a very basic question. Aren't we all convinced from that tape that this guy is a big fat f**kin' liar?"

After running through "New Rules," Maher went on to blame liberal politicians for allowing such shooting deaths to occur in the first place: "We can go on and on about hoodies and the neighborhood watch guy who looks like Chaz Bono," said Maher, "but it's not really a discussion until you save some blame for the liberal politicians who unconditionally surrendered in the fight for sensible gun laws. When are they going to stand their ground?"

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Apr 1, 2012 10:28 AM CDT
Repeal the Second Amendment!
Apr 1, 2012 7:39 AM CDT
Out of all the things talked about on his program, THIS is what you pick? I'm pretty sure he was being a TAD sarcastic. What a joke newser... come on. Misleading article title at best, hyperbole at the worst. Bill Maher is not suggesting that it was the liberals fault for not having control of congress, or being able to prevent ANY filibusters when they DID have control, and therefore could NEVER put forth any form of gun control, because ignorant hicks immediately go "Dey comins for mah guns! Emma Jean, put down dem 15 babys and grab mah rifles, Ima guhna walk der PAR EMITTER an shoot any dem darkies I see comin for mah guns! I'ma pretend it's Obama WHOOO YEAH! Right after I finish my Pabst Blue Ribbon... BUUURP." These are the same people who are prepping for when the government declares martial law and knocks on your door and shoots you... Because troops... Human Troops. Conservative Human Troops are going to TOTALLY obey a blatantly illegal order to kill American civilians in their home. Hey, Newser, how about talking about the 2 conservatives who very slyly dodged Bills Questions and started talking about how young teens die in traffic accidents because they are sooooo desperate to get this story to magically go away. Here's how you do that. Arrest the murder and racist psychopath, Zimmerman, like the cops wanted to in the 1st place, but were prevented from doing so by the old, white, conservative chief or mayor or whoever it was, I forget at the moment, but I'm so pissed off about this shit. THIS IS WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT? I was disgusted by how the conservatives totally tried to change the subject and outrightly dodged the questions and refused to comment on the killings, other than saying "He should get his day in court." Uh, DUH. And how about not giving a CCW to someone who's assaulted a police officer, beat his wife, and calls 911 more times than any normal person ever would. It's so obvious that if a black man had shot a white man in a hoody, he'd be in jail right now and he'd already be in jail.
Apr 1, 2012 5:44 AM CDT
Why does everybody here have to make this so complicated and political. Here is my take: a) Any law that permits a private citizen to walk around with a firearm, openly or concealed is dumb. b) Any political party or association that advocates or lobbies or allows a) is dumb. c) Any political party who lets those named in b) get away with a) is dumb. (Yes I agree with Maher, the libs do not fight hard enough on this) Simple as that. Guns have no place being carried around in open society. Keeping one at home, well secured for protection from home invasion, ok. Keeping a weapon for range and target practice, ok (even I enjoy the challenge of precision shooting). Keeping a weapon for hunting (although I hate this), well, ok, some people do it and its not illegal and sometimes animal populations require culling. But on the streets, outside of law enforcement, NO And you can call me...............Mr Joshua