Radical Cleric Leaves UK Prison
Abu Qatada out on bail after deportation effort nixed
By Matt Cantor, Newser User
Posted Nov 13, 2012 8:10 AM CST
Islamic cleric Abu Qatada is driven out of Long Lartin high security prison in Worcestershire, England, after winning the latest round in his battle against deportation, Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012.   (AP Photo/ Rui Vieira/PA)

(Newser) – As expected, radical cleric Abu Qatada was released on bail from a British prison today, the BBC reports. He had been held for the majority of the past decade; yesterday, however, judges ruled that he couldn't be deported to Jordan for a terror trial because of the country's reported use of torture-based evidence. But the British government isn't giving up; it plans to appeal the judges' decision. "We are absolutely determined to see this man get on a plane and go back to Jordan. He does not belong here," said the deputy prime minister.

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Nov 13, 2012 11:51 AM CST
LOOK: I am NOT trying to sound like a rabelrouser but: when will people thru out the world that are NON-Muslim realize that there is NO such thing as a "Radical Muslim" The way Muslims are is NOT radical to them...this is what they believe and this is the way they are! they are IN-Bred w/the thoughts they have from birth! They will adhere to muslim doctrine if it kills them or you! I have read the Koran and i can give you 15 verses that tell a muslim to KILL christians and Jews and anyone not adhering to their doctrine! Muslims are NOT in any country to escape the evils of islam but to SPREAD it!!! Don't people get it! Muslims are ONLY allied to Islam and Mecca, and Medina and Allah and they actually believe MEN "ONLY" Women are not mentioned as men are. Women are considered to have half the witness and hell is populated "MAINLY" by women..Now...this writing is to exercise your thoughts...IF islam is so good, then why is it the according to Muhammed, the sun sets in a puddle of Mud? sura 18:86 and also Muslims have ONLY one Intestine, and NON-_Mulims have 7 intestines.(this is a lie...I have seen my X-rays).Also did you know that Adam (as in Eves hubby) was 60 feet tall ? Did you also know that no dogs or cats are allowed in islam, and NO chess is allowed and you can't yawn, its from hell...also No garlic or Onins allowed! also did you KNOW that Muhammed was "WHITE" according to the Hadith..Bukhari vol 2 no 122 and 141 and more...People we need to KNOW the enemy...Islam and Muslims are NOT jere to have a better life...they are not here to be your friend..Sura 5:33/8:12 /9:123 and that IF that is NOT enough is also says "IN THE KORAN) I didn't write this stuff, it is what they believe...it says allah is all deceiving Sura 13:40-42..Allah can deceive you and then kill you when he does so...There needs to be people that look at what i have said, and KNOW what we are dealing with....Just get a FREE Koran and READ it and search what is written....I DID, and this is just some of what i have found!!! Muslims couldn't give a rip about OUR form of Govt! They believe in a CHURCH-STATE religion...the religion is the state and vice versa...NO one escapes the clutches of islam...women are reserved for servatude and that is to the man...they have NO value in Islam....I am NOT kidding, and i didn't write what they beleive....See what I am talking about!!!
Nov 13, 2012 10:59 AM CST
Send him to the US. Obama can use him in his new cabinet.
Nov 13, 2012 9:48 AM CST
"He does not belong here," said the deputy prime minister" You're right....he belongs no where, but six feet under the ground