Coming in 2013: 300 Extra Hours of School
Students at some schools in 5 states will get extra learning time
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Dec 3, 2012 7:34 AM CST

(Newser) – Happy holidays, kids: Your present is an extra 300 hours of school in 2013! Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Tennessee will announce the extra learning time today, a three-year pilot program at select schools meant to improve student achievement and allow kids to take part in more enrichment activities like art and music. Ultimately, the goal is to expand the program to more schools, especially low-income ones, the AP reports. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has long fought for more classroom time in order to help the US school system become more competitive globally.

Initially, the program will roll out in 35 schools, which will extend both the school day and the school year, the New York Times reports. Within the next three years, 40 more schools will increase both classroom and after-school time. State education officials are running the programs, which are being funded with federal, state, and district funds as well as resources from the Ford Foundation and the National Center on Time & Learning. But not everyone agrees more learning time is the answer: At least one report has shown that students in high-performing countries actually spend less time in school.

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Dec 4, 2012 12:26 AM CST
I agree with Jid, College has no use in this country anymore for the simple citizens. Throwing money away for calculus and algebra and high science is worthless as two left shoes. Why do the kids get lower grades? because the education system wants to teach them what they want to dumb our kids down, not educate them. What happened to the simple science and shop classes we had when we were kids in the 50's? I dropped out in the sixties because of the racial riots, and I was the last white kid in the school in Queens. Did anyone worry about my education then?........ Nope, the police told my parents to move away. I went for my GED in 2000 in Pennsylvania I passed without any study, How would you explain an 8th grade dropout passing a GED in his forties without any study? I could not find work, and was on welfare, and they said I have to get a GED to get a job, after I got the GED there was no work to be had as it is today, what is an education going to do for a man looking for work, when all there is is extreme labor like the gas drilling in my area? If you are 50+ what is an education going to do for you? Where are all these so-called jobs we are told to get an education for? Parents, please don't let them convince you that your kids need a high education, it's all just BS to get you to fork up $80,000, to the debt machine. When I was growing up I was taught how to save and we had savings accounts in schools, now they don't teach basic finance, they teach complex math which just shows them how to screw over investors in a way nobody understands, that how all the people get scammed by get rich quick scams that bombard society in all the banking sectors. Look at how all the banks stole billions from the tax payers, by deceit and fraud, every bank has taken homes from the citizens by their education that normal people don't have, and don't understand how the Federal Reserve can produce money from thin air, How is this possible with all the high education, can't anyone see this is not smart finance, it's smart scammers using complicated math to confuse the victims, all politicians and every bank and large corporation has been caught embezzling funds through their high education knowledge. Don't you know you can't create nor destroy matter. The banks and investments firms must not be that smart if they think they can create wealth from nothing, or are they feeding the people a bunch of crap to get more rich by the frauds of education? By the way I taught myself everything I know and write about, including computer and financial scams and how they pull it off, I didn't need a college education to see right through the scam the system is running.
Dec 3, 2012 7:04 PM CST
The extra hours are an excellent idea. Too bad they will be spent on less than particularly useful programs! It seems to me that teaching students how to read & write above a 3rd grade level would be a hell of a lot more useful! How many people are going to use music & art as potential job skills later on?
Dec 3, 2012 6:03 PM CST
Lets start with the truth, First off we as a nation are allowing ourselves to be turned into a military state when we allow a group of people to Robot our children and demand more and more of them and taking away their childhood, Its wrong in every direction and you are are only causing more rebellion which results in gang growth and other deliquencies. To say that we should send our kids to school extra time is just a way for someone at the top to keep their jobs.More is NOT BETTER!. Its called common sense education. Its not how much we learn,-ITS WHAT WE LEARN!. The big lie that the colleges dont wont you to know is this,- A Big % of what you learn in school and colleges is a total WASTE OF YOUR MONEY LEAVING YOU A MOUNTAIN OF DEBT !Unless you are in certain professional areas of study such as medical and such, chances are that degree is worthless to an employer. Now sit down and eat what i just said.I own a business that employes 390 people. The college degree that i have has NEVER SHOWN ANY USE AT ALL to me in my business.-EVER!. The only thing it did was rob my parents of hard earned money to send me to school.