Church Billboard: 'Time for Jesus to Come Out'
New Zealand reverend: 'Would it make a difference?'
By Neal Colgrass, Newser Staff
Posted Dec 17, 2012 7:15 PM CST
A church in Auckland, New Zealand, put up this provocative billboard.   (St. Matthew in the City church, Auckland, New Zealand)

(Newser) – Nothing controversial here: A church in New Zealand has put up a billboard urging Jesus to come out of the closet as gay, Stuff (NZ) reports. "It's Christmas," reads the billboard in Auckland. "Time for Jesus to come out." But Rev. Glynn Cardy at St.-Matthew-in-the-City church says he's only trying to raise the Christian prophet's humanity. "The fact is we don't know what his sexual orientation was," he says. "Would it make a difference if he was gay? Would that change the picture for you? Would it mean what we revere about him changes?"

His church is no stranger to controversy—or unique billboards, reports the Daily Mail. A billboard last year showed the Virgin Mary looking upset over the results of a pregnancy test. It was torn down by an angry protester, but Cardy didn't mind: "In the Internet age ... the image will be out there forever." As for Jesus being gay, Cardy notes that some scholars have made the argument—and attempts to mention it in the Bible may have been mistranslated. "There was almost nothing in his teachings about sexuality while there is plenty about the perils of being rich," he says. "Certainly he always supported the marginalized in society."

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Dec 24, 2012 3:07 PM CST
is this place related to west br
Dec 24, 2012 11:56 AM CST
I think most people will miss the point - NOT that this minister is calling Jesus Gay but asking the religious if it would make a difference in the belief in his teachings. Would the KKK still burn crosses if it was proved he was black (they already ignore the fact that he was Jewish)? Would his teachings of being good to one another be any different if it was proved that he was mentally ill (He did hear voices no one else heard)? The question is - if Jesus turned out to be someone you had issues with, would it make his teachings any less valid? If the answer is no - then maybe many Christians are focusing on the wrong things to be offended about...
Dec 18, 2012 3:02 PM CST
2,000 years ago, I was Y'shua(74) ben Yosef (Jesus). We all pass through eternity by reincarnation and there is now scientific proof of this. GOD & I have produced 'There Are No Coincidences - there is synchronism' which is a 74-page booklet that satisfies the prophecy of The Revelation 5:1-10:10 and its "book/scroll with the 7 seals"/'beyond Einstein theories' on its cover. In my eternal soul's last human incarnation, I was Albert Einstein and can prove that and that I was Jesus(74=J10+E5+S19+U21+S19. Jesus was NOT gay, he was married to Mary Magdalean. (Married Mary?!) See &