Huffington Post Tracks 100+ Shooting Deaths in Week
Website making a point about gun violence
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Dec 22, 2012 9:57 AM CST
A screen shot of the Huffington Post.   (Huffington Post)

(Newser) – Everyone heard about the Sandy Hook rampage, but not so much about the dozens of individuals across the country who were shot to death in the following week. The Huffington Post tracked gun-related murders and accidents through Google and Nexis searches and came up with more than 100. It's giving the story is getting prominent play on the website under a "To Live and Die in America" headline.

"There were murder-suicides," writes Jason Cherkis. "One was shot in the face while sleeping, a baby sound asleep in a crib nearby. One was a grandmother on her way home from a store." And on and on. HuffPo notes that the count is almost certainly low, given that the nation logged twice the number of homicides in an average week in 2010. Click for the full story, which comes a day after the NRA's defiant (and smart?) news conference. Slate has a similar, crowd-sourced effort under way here.

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Dec 23, 2012 7:17 AM CST
The NRA's argument that, "If you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns," denies that outlaws were once innocent children, loving sons and daughters, or next door neighbors. Also the NRA's claim that, 'It is not the gun that kills, it is the person," foolishly fails to acknowledge the individual responsibility of owning a gun, even as it is people who design and build guns that are put in the hands of other people for killing . In addition, the NRA says that, "The right way to stop a bad person with a gun, is a good person with a gun," irresponsibly and simplisticly defines whether a person is good or bad by the way they use a gun, and not by a person's mental capacity, spiritual background, or even moral character. Neither does the NRA take any responsibility for its promotion of guns, but also fails to demand that manufacturers of guns make guns safer, and that adequate laws are in place to protect it's members. Do you really believe that the NRA is concerned with your best interests.
Dec 23, 2012 6:50 AM CST
Nearly 1500 people die from achohol every week in the USA, but where's the "banning" of booze? We tried that, remember? Didn't work. Instead of closing mental health services, we should be remove the stigma of mental health problems so folks will hopefully get help sooner than when something like this happens. Banning guns is a bandaid. Just like banning drugs. Like that worked (sarcasm). Or banning abortions. Idiots are going to do what they want. We need to mediate the desire to do such things. Violence is glorified in America, what do we expect from people? We spend a few trillion dollars on war bombing brown babies, but I don't hear the cry about that! Hypocrites. I just bought a handgun for home protection. Yes, I will hopefully never use it. Ever. Ever. I've been a pacifist all my life, voted dem or green every time. But since I've been to the range and talked to gun owners, I've realized that they are NOT the problem. They actually surprised me as being pretty strict about guns and their use. I'll be honest, I was expecting a bunch of hillbillie gangsta wannabes. I was so wrong. By banning guns we punish the responsible folks for the actions of idiots and people who need mental health services. Please don't knee jerk this and go as far as to disarm the public. We all have a right to defend our selves and our loved ones. We don't need more police IMHO, or more prisons. Good teachers, religious, and public leaders would go a long way to helping the addiction to resolution through violence.
Dec 22, 2012 9:28 PM CST
Interesting reading: "The Communist Party of China demands the U.S. should disarm. According to Chinese officials, the recent school massacre gave all to understand that one should not wait any longer. The country's leaders believe that the brutality of the Connecticut shooter will ensure the widest public support for arms reduction, Infowars.comreports with reference to China's news agency Xinhua. Xinhua is, in fact, the press service of the current government of China. This organization is responsible for "the work of the State Council and for the reports of the Party on Chinese propaganda and public information services." In other words, Xinhua is a mouthpiece of Chinese leaders. Thus, the Chinese government calls Obama "to use the tragedy as a reason to promote the law on the control of weapons." According to Chinese officials, now is the best time to act so, since the president has just been elected for a second term. They also note that although previous similar shootings did not to any serious actions, the most recent tragedy may serve an important impetus to revise the system of arms control." According to US-based activist and FBI informant Brandon Darby, "the current Chinese government killed from 40 to 70 million people during Mao Zedong's Revolution. Mao himself said that "political power starts in the barrel of a gun."