Student in Rape Comment Video Drops Out of College
Teen is 'ashamed' of his comments, says his lawyer
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Jan 8, 2013 11:40 AM CST
File photo of a truck stop in Steubenville, Ohio.   (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

(Newser) – The Ohio teenager caught on a video joking about the alleged rape of a teen girl has left Ohio State University amid an avalanche of negative attention, reports the Steubenville Herald-Star. Michael Nodianos decided it would be an "insurmountable distraction" to return after his first semester, says his lawyer, adding that Nodianos had been harassed in his dorm and by hackers of the school's email system ever since the video went viral in the high-profile case.

Nodianos is "ashamed and embarrassed by the comments on the video," says his lawyer. "He regrets those comments. ... I don't believe it was a crime to make the video, but it was stupid." The 18-year-old is not charged in the case, but two of his former classmates in Steubenville, Ohio, are due in court next month on rape charges. The hacking group Anonymous posted the Nodianos video. Meanwhile, another Steubenville student, one who hosted a party the night of the alleged attacks, might lose his wrestling scholarship at Kent State, notes USA Today.

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Jan 9, 2013 11:02 AM CST
Why wasn't he expelled from Ohio State? It shouldn't have been left up to this "person" to decide whether or not to return to university.
Jan 9, 2013 2:52 AM CST
Tango ,Doug and others ,those of you who don't scream and spit to make a show in order to convince themselves that they are DOING SOMETHING about what you PERCIEVE as is happening - - we ,as we are now and as we act objectively , are almost totaly results of our conditioning , so called culture ,social values education elders advices ,which is handed down to us through psychological systems which have been put in place for sole purpose of stunning the growth of our souls -.if we have one. I don't mean this in any way as some sort of religious statement,on the contrary the religions as WE KNOW THEM were put in place and maintained over the mileniems in order to keep individual human being from investigating and OBSERVING himself and therefore slipping from his shackles .to live his own ,predestined life. The beings and humans who were present at the birth of this Constitutional Republic were not religeous flock . ,They were THEISTS , men of the Creation itself. who's understanding was based on realisation that they don't know anything yet but that it is possible to LEARN AND UNDERSTAND if one allows that which is beyond the THOUGHT - beyond the original sin which is not of our own alone !!! ,They deeply recognised the difference between the concept of GOD of POWER -,fears of all sorts ,anger ,envy judgments of mind ,sentimentality masquarading as love ,, jelousy , hate , God ,whose favours can be bought by submission ,giving up inate common sense ,inborn morality,and surrendering our right to live and ,learn in happines of innocence. .sbe bought by obedience ,be going to endless wars with his enemies ,murdering ,raping ,subduing in his name - without ever understanding anything about life of and about reasons why we mold our own life according to such a destructive design. The reasons why such a "GOD" or "GODS" came to attempted and to a great degree were succesful in enslaving the human species are quiet interesting and very similar to reasons why many of our own species subjugate mercilessly other humans and related animal groups. Strangely enough it is 95% through our mental to emotional "agreement" that such conditions can be impossed upon us. We are caught up in a system which ,as it appears ,is for the most part a left over machinery from very long time ago ,perfect technologically , designed to harvest our life force ,just like we harvest other victims . and thus victimising ourselves . .However . there are cracks in the machine itself and those of us who get addicted to the taste of freedom ,regardless if they were born with it or stumbled over it "on this commercial" are doomed .to see the raw truth about themselves and the life as it really is. The underlined fear present in human psyche today is a fear of death. Fear of death is nothing else then deeper recognision of the fact that although we do exist in a strange way WE HAVE NOT LIVED YET and the reason for being born is going to remine unfulfiled . It is the same reason why many people take drugs - "legal and illegal" , have the need to become rich or famous ,have children (often -what a pitty!) , join religions or scream at others !! In relation to the case at hand - by barking angrily and loudly , ,gnashing the fangs the poor , chained dog is volunterly giving up the energy he could use to to understand his position ,location ,and his fate as it stands now . hose who feed him dog food but keep him from living real dog's life of being on the way to become free. are his enemies ,not me. In short - if the American families were not dismanteld, or fell apart under pressures from those who while looking for their own lives are barking at the wrong tree , ,the girls parents would see to it that she was not dead drunk at the party where hormonal floods taking over unbalanced teenage boys are bound to occure .In a normal society the girls vaginas would be explored either in a sex or anatomy education class or in a back seat of a station wagon .And there are also other options available., The simple fact is that vaginas are designed to received penises and vice versas and to deny this maxim is a selfdestructive mental disorder. . .The sex drive is a strongest of human desires or functions ,even stronger then selfpreservation instinct and that is a reason why it is under such a vitriolic attacks. from the controlers. And I hope it would stay unconquered by .those who suffer and don't understand why. If anyone is interested in further exchange on this and any other disorder ,please let me know by way of responding here. Otherwise let's meet again at the junkyard or a heavenly dump. OR ANY OTHER SPACE BAR !!!
Jan 8, 2013 9:18 PM CST
Walmart has the perfect job for this creep. Its 11PM to 8AM carrying a mob and bucket the entire surface of the store loosening up dirt that the big zambony can't pick up.