Steubenville Prosecutor: Girl Too Drunk to Consent
Says football players knew it, 'treated her like a toy'
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Mar 13, 2013 6:23 PM CDT
Protesters, who did not want to be identified, hold signs outside of the Jefferson County Justice Center and Jail in Steubenville, Ohio, on Wednesday.   (AP Photo/The Plain Dealer, Lisa DeJong)

(Newser) – The high-profile rape trial in Steubenville, Ohio, got under way today, and prosecutors' strategy looks to be straightforward: They aim to prove that the 16-year-old girl at the center of the case was so drunk that she could not possibly have given consent to the two football players accused of molesting her, reports AP. She is "somebody who was too impaired to say no, somebody who was too impaired to say stop," prosecutor Marianne Hemmeter told the judge in the non-jury trial.

ABC News zeroes in on this line from Hemmeter: "This case will hinge on not only the defendants' knowledge of her substantial impairment but their exploitation of that knowledge when they treated her like a toy." An attorney for Trent Mays, one of the accused teens, asserted in his opening argument that Mays "did not rape the young lady in question." The attorney for the other teen, Ma'lik Richmond, did not make an opening statement, but he told 20/20 in an interview airing later this month that what happened was consensual. And Richmond himself told the show that he didn't rape the girl. "And if I would have thought that somebody was being raped or anything like that, I would have stopped it."

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Mar 17, 2013 5:34 PM CDT
Some obersvations: 1) I fnd interesting the the good "Christian" people of Steubenvillw has decided to get behind these "good boys". I guess thy are are it is the girls fault te boys had sex with her and were unable to control themselves. Perhaps she a witch or a succubus and the Devil made them do and they had no control and were possessed and we should burn the witch at the stake for tempting them. Just like in the Middle East under sharia law when men rape women it it because the failed to we her hijab or whatever and men have NO responsibility for their actions it is the woman. This it Taliban thinking if you ask me. 2) It seems to me a shame afte the Steubenville police did their job and gave the football "heroes" no special treatment under law and treated tem like uny other suspect and turned the case over the local prosecutor they sat on it because prosecuting football heroes is not politiically popular in Steubenville they used their "prosecutorial discretion" like it seems many prosecutor/politicians do to decide who they wich to persecute and who they wish to prosecute and who they feel to let get away with it. Just like when the local districit attorney where I liive decided not to prosecute a certain Congressman (from the same political party) for solicitation or at least CPC §314 Indecent Exposure which would have been a slam duck prima facia case since two officers saw him with his genatalia esposed accordng to the police reports they filed. This would have require the Congressman to be a registered sex offender under Megans Law. I guess there are two systems of justice in the country one the te powerful and connected and that have allies in the psocecutors office and and the system of justice for the rest of us. Had it not been for Anonymous and the internet to expose this and get the Ohio Attorney General involved, the pro footbal politicians, governemnt officials and powers that be in Stuebenville would have successfully swept this under the rug and told the "good boys" to keep up their good Christian behavior and gave a high five or a good ole' pat on the back like we live in Khazakstan or something. I again commend the Steubenville Police Department for doing their right thng by doing their job, whether or not it was the most popular or poliitically expedient thing to do. They appear to be te heroes in this sad case of how our values and ethics even in small town America seems to have been lost on this generation.
Mar 17, 2013 4:45 AM CDT
Amongst other evidence, the 2 are guilty based on the jury of their peers. The 12 minute video, while mostly an appalling rant of Michael N. laughing and sharing observations of how 'raped' and how 'dead' the victim was, one young man, towards the end of the 12 minutes, confronts Michael about his behavior and the act itself, 'that's rape man', and wonders allowed if anyone's checked on her. Those testifying have stated she was not moving, not responding. There's quite a lot of references for those interested in making an informed opinion: Read the history, they set out from the beginning to lure her to a party night, to abuse and humiliate her because she broke up with one of their football hero friends.
Mar 15, 2013 8:44 PM CDT
I just watched the damn video. I see nothing incriminating. Bunch of drunk, stupid fratboys talking shit. "She is dead" and "They raped her" and laughing like hyenas does not classify as evidence. How about a video of stupid radfems shooting a guy in a head and laughing. Is it tasteful? No. Is it incriminating. No.