Deep in a Cave, an Amazing Tale of Holocaust Survival
New film shares story of 38 Jews who lived in Ukrainian caves for 511 days
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Posted Apr 8, 2013 8:58 AM CDT
Updated Apr 13, 2013 9:33 AM CDT
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(Newser) – It's hard not to describe any tale of Holocaust survival as amazing, but this one is particularly remarkable: A new film that opened last week in New York recounts the story of two Jewish families that fled to a Ukrainian cave in 1942. As No Place on Earth recounts, the Germans discovered that cave and some perished, but the 38 who survived found shelter in Priest’s Grotto, a more remote cave—and spent 511 days in hiding, reports Paste. The magazine notes that some didn't see the sun for 344 days, which it calls the "longest known cave habitation in recorded history."

Among the harrowing details: Priest's Grotto was a less forgiving cave—susceptible to cave-ins and so tricky to enter that some were afraid to slip through the tiny hole that permitted entry, where a member of the group was stationed with an axe, prepared to chop off the legs of anyone who didn't know the password, reports the Times of Israel. The Christian Science Monitor describes the documentary's backstory as equally fascinating: A cave explorer came upon buttons and girls' shoes, among other items, spurring a years-long search for answers that ultimately led him to four survivors. (NPR notes that the story wasn't a complete secret: A family matriarch published a memoir in 1975, but only 500 copies were printed.) No Place on Earth, directed by Janet Tobias, opens in other US cities over the next several weeks.

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May 3, 2013 3:04 AM CDT
The claims you have made: "The Germans were not tortured; They all confessed willingly." So, the soldiers of a defeated country... >whose towns and cities are now bombed to rubble, making millions homeless, with now over a million dead mothers, sisters, brothers, babies and grandparents... and >whose survivors in ancient German lands like East Prussia, Silesia and the Sudetenland are now at this time being "ethnically-cleansed" from their homes and farms (look up the postwar Expulsion of 12 Million Germans AND the Beneš Decrees ) driven on foot by armed mobs (and being killed as this is happening -in MAY of 1945)... and >whose comrades are maimed or dead after years of struggle against the same armies and invaders now doing these things, whose wives, daughters may have been raped by these same invaders... .... now "willingly" want to HELP these same invaders in a campaign of mass vilification of their own people - for all time? That is believable to you? On the subject of torture: We have a "confession" from an American (an American JEWISH ) interrogator - offered WITHOUT torture I shall point out- stating that coercion (of the most brutal kind...) was standard practice for the Allies against German POWs. "Flesh burns".... (whatever you were thinking by that), "they could cremate multiple bodies in a hour or less"..."an arched opening ALWAYS has more area than any other shape" (hey, it's you against geometry, I'm just boiling down what you are claiming), "the fat in a given body is the only FUEL needed to produce the heat of combustion to incinerate a body and can even burn up two more bodies if they are put in together" Uh, no. Your own source, The Neptune Society, refutes you. They state in black and white on their FAQ page that it takes approximately 2 hours (right in line with what the Cremation Society of Illinois says. And even then the bones are still left and must be "processed" further, which is likely their tactful way of saying "WE GRIND UP THE BONES". You claimed in contrast that whatever remains after cremation is merely swept away and takes flight into the breeze... whoosh! To sum up, Your claims as to "fat" and "time" and "yeah, multiple bodies in, no extra time needed relating to size or numbers of bodies", are ALL REFUTED by the cremation industry. Here's yet a 4th cremation industry source, "The Process of Modern Day Cremation", a video off the History Channel posted on You Tube where the time requirement -using a modern computerized oven - is stated to be ONE and A HALF HOURS PER BODY. And that a temperature of 1800 DEGREES must be reached in order to accomplish this. By the way even wikipedia's entry -regarding MODERN DAY cremation - states that "the process usually takes 90 minutes to two hours, with larger bodies taking longer time." Hmm. So larger bodies take more time... The more body -or BODIES- to be burned...the MORE TIME IT TAKES... And these modern push-button ovens are "oil, natural gas, or propane-fired" unlike the 70-year old coal (and wood!)-burning ovens at Auschwitz. Hardly convenient, an oven you have to shovel coal into to get it working. But you want everyone to think the Germans cranked 'em up to 1800 at the whim of evil and the touch of a button, I bet. No shoveling of coal, no effort at all imagined in this atrocity nightmare (really this DEFAMATION) of yours. We're left with just the questions: What do you get out of doing this? Why are you trying so hard to stick this lie on the German people? And Robin? TWO POSTS from you now and we do not have your answer: Was Moses a "good guy"? Must I repeat it ?
Apr 30, 2013 3:49 PM CDT
All cremation industry sources -including the Neptune Society- refute your claims, Robbie. Just curious, in case someone wants to check, what is the location of the Neptune Society you "stopped by" and the name of the gentleman there you chatted with about Auschwitz? "Denier" Mattogno has a good evaluation of cremation history. It can be found by looking up: "Mattogno" and "The Crematoria Ovens of Auschwitz and Birkenau" Feel free to read through it, "Robinetty". Or anyone else. Will Robin DENY this : "Cremation is a physical and chemical process requiring a certain minimum time that cannot be decreased further. This minimum time depends in the main on the chemical composition of the body to be cremated. As special experiments conducted in England in the 1970s showed, the body's protein structure is of great importance. Due to its relatively high nitrogen content, its high ignition temperature and the chemical transformations which the proteins undergo at high temperatures, there is a considerable degree of resistance to combustion, which is amplified further by the fact that the protein substance is submerged, as it were, in body fluid and cannot ignite before this fluid has evaporated. In other words: A cremation carried out under optimum conditions cannot take less time than the time perforce required for this process to take place. Conversely, the duration of the cremation cycle increases, of course, the more that actual conditions are removed from the optimum, regardless of whether this discrepancy is due to careless operation of the oven or to a less-than-ideal oven construction system." Golly. I wonder. The fact is, Robin, once confronted by me, you resorted first to "the guy at the Neptune Society" (who you just happened to find 'convenient' to chat with...and amazingly felt comfortable enough to bounce Holocaust questions off )... you tried the tired, old "tell-him-you've-got-some-"German"-in-ya lie -and that didn't work- and now you're desperately running down other liars who portray the 70 year old ovens as "Super Ovens" able to leap tall buildings and defy physics yet STILL CAN'T QUITE EXPLAIN WHY the Germans would EVER have had single-opening ovens IN THE FIRST PLACE.
Apr 30, 2013 3:16 PM CDT