Accused US Spy Leaves Russia
Russian TV shows diplomat Ryan Fogle at airport
By Ruth Brown, Newser Staff
Posted May 19, 2013 5:30 PM CDT
In this image from Rosiisky State TV Channel, Ryan Fogle, the US Embassy employee accused of spying, departs, in Moscow, Russia.   (AP Photo/AP Video)

(Newser) – The US embassy employee accused of spying for the CIA in Moscow has left Russia, the BBC reports. Five days after the country accused him of "provocative actions in the spirit of the Cold War" after it allegedly caught him trying to recruit spies, diplomat Ryan Fogle has been shown passing through airport security on Russian TV. He will be best remembered for the atrocious blonde wig he was wearing in footage allegedly showing his arrest, as shown over at the Guardian.

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May 20, 2013 3:21 AM CDT
And he returns the the Home of the Free! Hurrah! Did I say Free? "The television then repeatedly told Americans that in order to preserve their freedom, they would have to give up some of their liberty. The fact that freedom and liberty mean the same thing makes this an absurdity. By forcing Americans to internalize such absurdities, the mind-controllers created a whole nation of unthinking automatons, ready to march off to war on transparently ridiculous premises… and to systematically slaughter civilians, rape children in front of their parents as an “interrogation technique,” commit unspeakable sexual crimes at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, poison much of the Middle East and Central Asia with depleted uranium, murder thousands of innocent people with cowardly drone strikes, and generally perpetrate unspeakable acts on a daily basis. As Voltaire put it: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” If Voltaire were alive today, he would tell us that people who believe three skyscrapers can disappear at free-fall acceleration through the path of most resistance, due to modest office fires ignited by only two planes, will commit the most hideous atrocities imaginable. The Unfreedom Tower now looms over an unfree land. In today’s America, executive-branch death panels oversee a “disposition matrix” in which computers decide which people will be murdered by the government, which ones will merely be disappeared without charges into the global sex torture gulag, and which ones will be arrested and tried in a courtroom. This despite the clear Constitutional statement that in the USA, no one may be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” And the phrase “due process of law” is clearly defined: It means a public, transparent trial by jury, beginning with presumption of innocence, under various safeguards. The pretext for this annihilation of liberty is the “war on terrorism.” Big Brother tells us that terrorists are likely to strike us all dead at any moment, so emergency measures are necessary. But in reality, terrorism barely even exists. Americans are more likely to drown in their bathtubs, or be hit by lightning, than be killed by terrorists. The whole terror scare is a paranoid hallucination that was carefully scripted and inflicted on the American people by the most depraved and demonic mind-controllers who have ever lived. Anybody who can see that two plus two make four, not five, can see that the current rulers of the USA are not the Constitutional government. They are treasonous usurpers. When will Americans break through the checkpoints, overturn the guard booths, overwhelm the barricades, and overthrow the demons-in-human-form who have paralyzed their minds and destroyed their freedoms?" give up your liberty for freedom indeed! In other words, become a slave of those who would dominate every aaspect of the life of the once-free Christian Western society. Yes, acquiesce to the trillionaire parasites and their pupppets!
May 20, 2013 12:38 AM CDT
At least he is assured of a new career in Hollywood staring as a comedian.
May 19, 2013 9:16 PM CDT
Kind of stupid affair. Was this guy ordered to act like a moron or did he decide to do it on his own. 007 has nothing to worry about with this guy