CIA Training Syria Rebels: Report
LA Times says secret work started last year
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Jun 21, 2013 5:52 PM CDT
A Free Syrian Army fighter runs for cover during clashes with government forces near Damascus on June 20.   (AP Photo/Shaam News Network via AP video)

(Newser) – The White House may be moving too slowly in the eyes of some critics when it comes to helping the Syrian opposition, but the CIA and special ops forces have been at it since late last year, reports the Los Angeles Times. It says the Americans have been secretly training select Syrian rebels with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weaponry at US military bases in Turkey and Jordan. (They're not providing those weapons to the rebels, just training in how to use them.)

“Those from the CIA, we would sit and talk with them during breaks from training and afterward, they would try to get information on the situation inside” Syria, a rebel commander tells the newspaper. Also of note: The training involves Russian-designed weapons, even as the US and Russia are on opposite sides of the spectrum on how to deal with Bashar al-Assad. The rebels might appreciate the training, but what they really need is large-scale weapons to "tip the balance" of war in their favor, says the rebel commander. (President Obama recently gave the green light to send light arms and ammunition.)

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Jun 22, 2013 6:17 PM CDT
the epitome of stupidity ! train and arm people we know are members of al qaeda ! but then I feel blameless for this insult to the american people ! I did`nt vote for the lying assed weasel in the white house ! let the many deaths of innocents fall squarely upon the heads of liberal moron democrats !
Jun 22, 2013 1:54 PM CDT
These United States of America changed after the civil war to become The United States Of America. Time to change again United Corporations Of Nations......Our corporations want the middle east in disarray to keep fear for military growth here and oil monopoly there. As Americans realize that fighting wars over seas is not patriotic its stupidity, The government that controls will depend more on drones and robotics to fight their wars against all their enemies foreign and citizenry Bye Bye American Pie.
Jun 22, 2013 10:57 AM CDT
TRUTH BE TOLD ..... The US Benghazi Compound attack and deaths of Americans is classified as "TOP SECRET" .. and any information given by any witnesses .. on 09-11-2012 and 09-12-2012 .. will be prosecuted by Team Obama. I've been saying from almost the beginning, on the Benghazi US Compound attack, on 09-11-2012 .. since the regular CIA, or rogue CIA agents, assassinated Ambassador Stevens, and killed the (3) other Americans .. (on who, and why, it was done) .. and why, they had to die. --- (all participants have been placed in the "witness protection program"). (1) .. Ambassador Stevens with Smith, were investigating the theft of Libyan oil by the western governments, of up to 40% .. by western oil companies, and their Libyan co-conspirators .. who the Europeans installed in the new Libyan government. ---- (Ambassador Stevens had copies of the oil contracts .. and lists of witnesses)... (strangely missing) (2) .. Ambassador Stevens working with CIA Woods and DSS Doherty, were investigating the buying of Libyan weapons by the CIA and western spy agencies .. including tens of thousands of illegal shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles .. being re-sold to Qatar and Saudi Arabia .. to be given to anti-Assad fighters, in violation of the UN arms embargo. ---- (Ambassador Stevens had proof .. and was going to blow the whistle on them). (3) .. There was a British load of thousands of Libyan shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles .. loaded on a Libyan ship .. (bought and paid for by Qatar and Saudi Arabia) .. to be delivered to the Arab Gulf States .. and be distributed by Turkey and Jordan .. to anti-Assad fighters .. being trained in Jordan, by the CIA and US troops. (4) .. The CIA with the State and Defense Departments help .. used the Turkey ambassador as a 'Judas goat' to lure Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi on 09-11-2012, to be assassinated. --- (The CIA or rogue CIA agents, knew the exact time and place Ambassador Stevens would be .. and 'staged' a protest .. to cover their evil deed). (5) .. NOTE? .. that everybody had guns .. the CIA, the DSS and DS agents, the Libyan security guards, the 'staged' protesters, and 'terrorists' .. and everybody was firing their guns .. but .. not one person got shot. ---- (not one?) (6) .. ONLY Ambassador Stevens and Smith, were killed at the US Compound, by asphyxiation? .. not by bullets? (7) .. Woods and Doherty, were killed at the CIA annex on 09-12-2012 .. by mortar rounds? .. not bullets? STRANGE isn't it? .. the only people who were killed that night and next morning .. were Ambassador Stevens and the (3) other American agents helping him, in his investigation? NOBODY else was killed by the hundreds or thousands of bullets, that were fired that night and morning .. but (2) Americans were killed by asphyxiation? .. and (2) other Americans were killed by mortar rounds? ONLY morons, idiots and imbeciles .. will accept the facts given by Obama, and his Team .. as being truthful. I always said .. you'll know why Ambassador Stevens was assassinated .. when the shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles show up in Syria. --- (We'll soon know, won't we?) My opinion? .. They killed Ambassador Stevens and (3) other Americans .. for what? .. for America? --- REALLY?