Defense Motion to Acquit Zimmerman Denied
Earlier: Trayvon Martin's mom testifies
By Matt Cantor, Newser User
Posted Jul 5, 2013 9:45 AM CDT
Updated Jul 5, 2013 4:18 PM CDT
The parents of slain teenager Trayvon Martin, Sybrina Fulton, left, and Tracy Martin.   (AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Joe Burbank, Pool)

(Newser) – Trayvon Martin's mother and brother took the stand today in George Zimmerman's trial, followed by the medical examiner who performed Martin's autopsy, and the prosecution rested its case around 5pm. The defense will now present its case; defense attorney Mark O'Mara started by asking the judge to acquit Zimmerman because there is no direct evidence that spite played a role in the killing. The judge denied the motion, CNN reports. Earlier, with the court playing a 911 tape from the night of the shooting, Sybrina and Jahvaris Fulton both identified the screams on the tape as belonging to Martin, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Among the details from today's testimony:

  • Sybrina Fulton told the court that Martin had a pair of tattoos bearing the names of his great-grandmother, grandmother, and herself.
  • O'Mara asked Sybrina if anyone had "prepared" her before she heard the recording; she said no.
  • He also noted that "the only alternative" to Martin screaming was Zimmerman screaming, which would suggest the teen was responsible for his own death, he said; he asked whether she hoped her son wasn't at fault. "I would hope for this to never have happened," she said.
  • Jahvaris acknowledged having initially told the media he wasn't certain who was screaming. "I didn't want to believe it was him," he said, per the San Jose Mercury News.
During his testimony, the medical examiner said Trayvon was alive for a while after being shot, "still in pain" and "suffering."

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Jul 10, 2013 2:57 PM CDT
to copturnedjournalist: you addressed this to me, when I believe you meant it for duxburian: "Duxburian: "My statements are made from facts - so unless the facts are wrong - and you're free to show how they are - then my point cannot be wrong." The problem is that your statements are not made from facts. Your statements are made from your flawed, untrained, unprofessional and completely biased interpretation of that part of the facts that happens to support your predetermined position on the issue at hand. "No - the point - is that Zimmerman after receiving that instruction [the suggestion not to follow Martin] chose to ignore it..." That is the only "fact" you state in your claim. "... and confront the person ..." You have no proof that Zimmerman confronted Martin. The available evidence does not disprove Zimmerman's claim that Martin initiated the confrontation. You assume Zimmerman started it because that fits what you want the outcome of the case to be. "... he had racially profiled." You also have no proof that Zimmerman's attention was drawn to Martin because of his race. It could just as well have been because of his youthful appearance, his manner of dress, or suspicious behavior, as Zimmerman claimed. You have no proof, only you predetermined conclusion that you will not allow to be derailed by the facts. "And the fact that Zimmerman followed and confronted Martin ..." Again, the supposition that Zimmerman confronted Martin is your opinion and not a proven fact. "... well, Zimmerman knew how that showed he was the aggressor and proved that what he did was not self defense." Your opinion, which was not very well supported by the very poor case the prosecution presented. "Which is why Zimmerman lied to the police about why he got out of his truck." Again, in your opinion, one that is not supported, nor contradicted, by the physical evidence. "Which is why Zimmerman lied about following Martin." Your telepathic abilities are truly tele-pathetic. You claim to know, with absolute certainty what happened at a location states-away from where you claim to live. You not only state with absolute certainty that the defendant's version of the events - which is not contradicted by the physical evidence - could not possibly be the truth, but you also go so far as to claim to know the mind and motive of the defendant at the time of the altercation. Dux, please show your statement from the beginning of this reply to your therapist. It will aid in confirming the diagnosis of your narcissistic personality disorder. Oh, and you might want to show them my previous post, documenting the actually-proven fact that you are a LIAR." and thanks for a great post!
Jul 9, 2013 1:48 AM CDT
Would Zimmerman follow Martin around, get out of his truck, and confront Martin if he didn't have a gun? I doubt it. Then Martin would never (allegedly) attack Zimmerman, and Martin would be alive and their would be no trial!! Zimmerman was the aggressor here because he knew no matter what would happen, he always could pull out the gun. The problem is he got more than he bargained for, if his story is true, and the whole thing turn tragic. Why a neighborhood watch guy can carry a gun is beyond me. All Zimmerman is is a wannabe cop who has a hero complex. He is not trained, like police are, to deal with such a situation. He should of stayed in his truck. Martin probably thought Zimmerman was some guy who wanted to do him harm, considering Zimmerman never identified himself as being part of the neighborhood watch. Martin probably thought Zimmerman was the one who was the thug, and ironically Martin was the one defending himself.
Jul 8, 2013 11:13 AM CDT
Hello Everyone, regardless of what anyone thinks what happened. Another unarmed African-American male was killed because he looked suspicious. If Zimmerman is allowed to leave the courthouse with anything less than murder in the first degree, then this should be the last straw. African-Americans need to gather up the strength to once again make change. We need to turn our backs to White America, because it will be made so painfully obvious that we are in FACT are not equal to whites and are seen a 2nd Class citizens here in the United States. Blacks are dealt with more harshly in the judicial system and we don't count in the capitalist or social structure in this colonized country. After 400 years of being in the Americas (originally as slaves) we are still made to feel like we are 2nd Class citizens. We aren't on Wall Street, CEO's or decision-makers in U.S. Companies and we don't really own property or resources on the same scale as White people. So, what else needs to happen before we get to the last straw. The Black men and Women during the Civil Rights era where stronger than we are now. The Black men and women weren't afraid to face the "hose" or to be dragged off to jail during sit-ins. We have no back-bone or leaders to stand up for us. The leaders that protested and marched during the Civil Rights Movement are getting to old to keep standing in front. We as young African-Americans and minorities need to once again rise up and speak out on all fronts of injustice and racism. Being silent only perpetuates the problems we face. Manslaughter is not and should not be good enough. Didn't you here the screams from the recording. The screams from a young African American child should have pierced through your heart. Can you imaging Travon's mother having to sit in the courtroom and hear her son cry-out. Murder in the First Degree won't bring Travon Martin back but justice should not be denied. Unless, Zimmerman's car ran out of gas he should NOT have gotten out of his car or even been that physically close to Travon Martin. African Americans and other minority groups need to step up and take a stand and make this a day of days, something so dramatic that it reshapes history just like the era of the Civil Rights Movement.