Case Against Zimmerman No Piece of Cake for DOJ
Feds would have to prove shooting was racially motivated
By Matt Cantor, Newser User
Posted Jul 15, 2013 7:19 AM CDT
Updated Jul 15, 2013 7:47 AM CDT
A woman spray paints along Franklin Street during a protest Sunday in Oakland, Calif.   (AP Photo/Bay Area News Group, Anda Chu)

(Newser) – Amid protests and a push from the NAACP, the Justice Department is looking into the prosecution of George Zimmerman on criminal civil rights grounds—but that would be a genuinely tough case to win, the AP explains. Says a former US attorney: "They'd have to show not only that the attack was unjustified, but that Mr. Zimmerman attacked Mr. Martin because of his race and because he was using a public facility, the street." One possibility for the feds would be to argue that because of Martin's race, Zimmerman prevented him from freely walking down a public street, says an ex-federal prosecutor.

The problem there is that the incident occurred in a gated community, which might not technically be considered public. And while the Obama administration has put forward a number of clear-cut hate crimes cases, says a former top Justice Department official, "if you're trying to prove racial motivation, you are usually looking for multiple statements related to why he is engaging in this act of violence. I think it's a difficult case to prove." Still, the department offered a statement yesterday saying federal agents "continue to evaluate the evidence generated during the federal investigation, as well as the evidence and testimony from the state trial" and will consider the possibility of prosecution, Fox News reports. Even if the federal case never materializes, Zimmerman could still face a civil lawsuit from Martin's family.

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Jul 18, 2013 9:41 AM CDT
Hey DOJ, don't waste the taxpayers money !!!!
Jul 16, 2013 3:21 AM CDT
if we got rid of all the black people in america and sent them back to africa....the place they already messed up... Just think how much better it would be. No other race is as lost and useless and the black race. Almost all other countries consider them animals still. If you look around they act like animals..most of them anyways. Some of them are ok but thats maybe 1 out of 1000. Of course soon as they find that one good black guy he goes up on a stand and they say how he is just as smart as all other races. I think its time we stop putting up with the bullshit and do something about the black race bringing this country to it's knees. Can't you people do something other than bitch about race issues? We are all in this cess pool world together and for some reason the black race thinks they are too good to work. I am now racist just because black people are racist against me.. I'm someone that was brought up to think all races are equal and I have always thought that, its just a boiling point and a realization that its not true that all races are the same. I've tried to help the black race more times than I can count just to have them come back and stab me int he back. My ancestors fought to free the blacks and died to save them and this is how they repay us. What a shame.. i'm throwing away all my pennies...get some respect for the people that made the place you are no ruining. Lets face it the only war black people are going to win is if they are fighting other blacks.
Jul 16, 2013 3:11 AM CDT
How can anyone even begin to think this has anything to do with race? Its just the black people using the race issue for an excuse why they have to run around steal, cause trouble and hate on other races instead of working like most people. Not everyone in the black race is skum but most of them are raised in a horrid neighborhoods that promote violence. The thing is all other races have had to deal with the same hardships. We all have to work like slaves why shouldn't the black race have to do the same as us? I work like a dog all day long for chicken scratch just to have black people quit the same job I do calling it slavery. It's almost like they are lazy and looking for any excuse to be a skum bag. I think zimmerman was just doing his job in a community of losers and people that like to blame others for their own problems. All you ever hear from black people is how everything is so unfair for them. To bad it's unfair for everyone, most people deal with it instead of turning to crime. The mexicans just got here and are already doing well, just as the irish had to deal with problems. It's not about race... its about skum bags that want to rob and steal instead of working like the rest of us have to. This bullshit about the kid being a good guy is bullshit. That kid that zimmerman shot was a skum bag and zimmerman most likely did the country some good. I respect zimmerman and support him along with many others. If you all wanna go to war over this then I would be more than happy to support zimmerman in every way. So go ahead and start a war off, plenty are waiting and can't stand to listen to you bitch about a man that is trying to save the community. Do something instead of starting riots in your own neighborhood. Way to go you destroyed your own neighborhoods and that was about it. What a joke to society and a waste to the American way. You people would bitch if you had it all, almost like you all got suck breeding with some bad bloodlines or something. Its really a joke. Zimmerman you have no reason to hide, millions support you and if anything happens to zimmerman a war will most likely pop off. I think we all know who would win the war. The people that hate zimmerman are mostly drug runners and crooks that should be locked up but hide behind society and suck resources. They are mad at zimmerman because he tried to put a stop to all the crimes. I think the people that locked zimmerman up should be in jail for awhile see how they like being locked up for no reason. JUST SOME REALLY STUPID PEOPLE IN AMERICA TODAY!! Then you call for obama to change the verdict... wtf is wrong with you morons? even obama knows this isn't about race, its about stupid people.