Dear DC: Kids Aren't Just for the Rich
It's time we started enacting policies that help parents: Kelly Diels
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Jul 22, 2013 1:04 PM CDT

(Newser) – All of us, rich or poor, got here because our parents had children—yet these days, having kids is seen as a luxury to be enjoyed by the wealthy only, writes Kelly Diels on Salon. Celebrities are touted for wanting big broods, and rich people seem to parade their children around as status symbols, but when it comes to actually helping non-rich parents, we act as though people who can't afford children simply shouldn't have them. "The country, some legislators and pundits and citizens will argue, certainly can’t afford and shouldn’t have to pay for social programs and policies that support parents and families."

"We don’t talk about having children as though having them and raising them is a predictable fact of life at every income level and for every ethnicity, everywhere in the world; we talk about it—and legislate around it—as though kids are, or should be, a privilege of the privileged," Diels continues. Having children is expensive; we need to realize that most children not born to celebrities or Wall Street bankers will need more resources than their parents can provide. That means America should start thinking about national, paid maternity leave, publicly funded childcare, and universal health insurance. After all, we claim to be all about family values; let's walk the walk. Click for Diels' full column.

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Jul 23, 2013 12:10 PM CDT
The Nazis also believed in eugenics for those they arbitrarily chose to despise in their failed attempt to create the Darwinian distopia that the competitively rich so esteem.
Jul 23, 2013 10:51 AM CDT
"...but when it comes to actually helping non-rich parents, we act as though people who can't afford children simply shouldn't have them." i stopped reading right there. thats where i totally disagree and no one, including this shitty article, can convince me otherwise. at 25, im not at a point yet where i can afford to have kids, even though i will eventually want one or some. i will graduate college, perhaps pursue graduate school, find a legitimate career, and then will think about having kids. not a moment before then. i already have a handful of friends with kids that make around what i make, and up to (at most) 30k/year. i dont believe thats enough to live one's own life and support a child at the same time. no doubt some of my friends receive assistance, and im sure they're too embarrassed to admit it, but its the elephant in the room. i do have a specific friend (a staunch republican) that always brags around tax time on how much he (claims as a single dad) gets back for his tax return. he lives with his mother, dates the mother of his two children (she claims the second child to max out their return), and he alone receives almost exactly double the returns that i do as a full time student living on my own. and the gf probably gets just as much for the kid she claims. maybe the argument should be that i (and other poor people) should just have kids and use them to help me get a hefty bonus on my tax returns as well as qualify for a plethora of gov't programs. but ill take the honorable way, make my own money and wait to have my kids until i can feed them with my own dollar. oh, and to give me time to find a reliable wife, which will be toughest thing to search for....
Jul 23, 2013 10:19 AM CDT
Your missing the point! She's not saying that all poor people should have kids and America should support them, no matter what, she's saying that it should not be a privliage to have kids, since wealthy people tend to flaunt their kids around as if they are material possessions to show off their wealth. Everyone has the right to have kids period! Yes, there are some that might have multiple abortions that I think should not have kids or need to be on a more reliable BC, or 12-17 year olds since they are not adults(thanks Teen Mom), and others who are already in extreme poverty and cant afford more. She's not even talking about those scenarios BTW, she's talking about the average American! And so what if some people need help taking care of them, as you seen from McDonalds, Its hard to support a family on this low minimum wage that America has and big corporations, who pay salaries in the millions and have millions in bonuses cant pay more than $7.25 an hour? In almost every country they are programs to help those who are in need. Stop being the reason why America isn't all it says it is and help if you can! There's plenty of people who had it all and lost it and now have to slave at places that only give them minimum wage or far less than what they earned or worth, just because they know that they can!