Parents May Face Charges in Nevada School Shooting
Police trying to figure out how boy got gun from home
By Newser Editors and Wire Services
Posted Oct 22, 2013 4:52 PM CDT
A tearful Michelle Hernandez, left, is led away following a shooting at Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nev.   (AP Photo/The Reno Gazette-Journal, Marilyn Newton)

(Newser) – The 12-year-old student who opened fire on a Nevada middle school campus yesterday, wounding two students and killing a teacher, got the weapon from his home, authorities said. Washoe County School District police said they are still working to determine how the boy obtained the 9mm semi-automatic Ruger handgun used in the morning spree at Sparks Middle School. The boy's parents are cooperating with authorities and could face charges in the case, police said. Authorities say they're withholding the seventh-grader's name out of respect for his family. They still haven't discussed a motive.

At a news conference today, law enforcement and school officials again lauded the actions of 45-year-old math teacher and former Marine Michael Landsberry, who tried to stop the rampage before he was killed. The violence started before the first bell of the day rang, as students filed off buses and gathered for class. The boy opened fire outside a school building, hitting one 12-year-old student in the shoulder. He then headed toward a basketball court, where he encountered Landsberry. The teacher walked toward the student waving his arms, but the boy shot him in the chest. Police say that gave other kids time to run. "He truly is a hero," said the school superintendent.

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Oct 23, 2013 4:15 PM CDT
Every time someone is murdered at school or some other public place the obvious solution is ignored by many people that chose to deny the truth. If gun bans were the solution, then Chicago, LA , & New York city with their gun hating mayors would be the poster children for how to stop these murders. Instead those cities are the living proof the mayors and the people there have no clue about the reality of what occurs. Those cities lead the nation in murders and other violent crime. At the same time many other cities and states are increasing gun ownership and have seen an across the board reduction in violent crimes of every type. In Colorado, to their credit they removed from office two of the top leaders of their state legislature who irresponsibly rammed gun control down the throats of the people. Hopefully they will continue and recall the governor there as well. The lies and misrepresentations told about millions of gun owners and all those who believe in the constitutional right to keep and bear arms are widespread and numerous. The most egregious lie relating to schools and churches is that if guns are banned then the shootings will stop. Each instance when shootings occur proves that thinking is plain stupid. The schools and churches are the focal point of the gun ban lobby because they feel that is where the greatest opportunity is to manipulate the emotions of people, regardless if they are connected to the tragedy or not. Nothing is more easily manipulated than emotions about children and Family. The tactic is stolen from PETA and other animal activists, who use the same type of lies and misinformation, only their focus is on puppies and kittens. The real truth is, the only way to stop tragedies like Sandy Hook, Columbine, Wedgwood Church, or any other senseless murder is to shoot or kill the perpetrator first. As evident in every case, parents friends and survivors always say “if only the police had been there to stop them”. The call goes out to the police first . WHY? Not so they come and negotiate or wave their arms at the shooter. It is Because They Carry Guns to shoot the killers. If this Marine, & teacher had a gun he would no doubt be alive and the child, the little boy, would be dead or at the very least neutralized so no on else would be harmed... and THAT is the preferred result. Schools, churches and anyone else that is responsible and truly wants to protect their family or friends will learn to handle a gun correctly and safely or have someone on site that is capable. These same irrational mayors, and government leaders that want to ban guns are well aware that the police seldom stop a violent crime but mostly investigate the crime once it has occurred. Many are gun toting politicians that want to deny you the ability to carry protection as well. Not one of them will give up the armed guards that protect them. Demand that and see how far you get!
Oct 23, 2013 2:16 PM CDT
I still don't get not releasing the killers name. He was a juvenile, but he took a life. So out of respect for his family the name is not released? What about the crime of murder the suspect did, we should all know who he was and the type of person he was, so we can help others not be that type of kid.
Oct 23, 2013 10:23 AM CDT
Growing up as a kid I and my friends had access to all the guns one could want including all types and ammo. You could walk into almost any hardware store and buy dynamite. We had access to all types of destructive things. Yet not one of us killed anyone except those of us who went to Viet Nam and was told to do so by our government. We did not have jackbooted, black suited, Nazis swat teams running around when someone fired off a shot. Did not need them. I was stopped several times as a kid carrying my gun down the street (I was to young to drive) by the police and ask "where are going" "up on the hill to target shoot" my answer. There repy " Ok be carefull". That was my right. Take my right away and all you have left is the jackbooted Nazis and a tyrannical government.