Israel Trying to Ban the Word 'Nazi'
Bill would make everything to do with the word illegal
By Arden Dier, Newser Staff
Posted Jan 16, 2014 9:48 AM CST
Two ultra Orthodox Jewish men visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, Wednesday, April 18, 2012.   (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

(Newser) – In response to what it calls rising anti-Semitism abroad, Israel is pushing to ban the word "Nazi" from its lexicon. But it's not stopping there: Uttering any other slur related to the Third Reich would also be a crime, as would using any Holocaust symbol, from swastikas to the yellow star, for any reason other than learning. The penalty? Up to six months in jail and a $29,000 fine, the New York Times reports. Its parliament gave preliminary approval to the bill yesterday—amid critics' cries of free speech violations—though the bill must make it through three more parliamentary votes. A civil-liberties lawyer points out Israel has no law that explicitly promises free speech, but notes its Supreme Court has time and again upheld that liberty.

While a handful of countries ban Nazi symbols, this law would prohibit not just the word, but "everything that has to do with it and everything that connects to Nazism and the regime of the Third Reich and those who were the head of it," per the bill. Its sponsor sees it as Israel's duty to "be the leader of this battle, of this struggle, in order to encourage other countries." But Israel's attorney general has concerns. "Not all behavior that offends the public deserves to be made a crime," he wrote, per Haaretz, adding the law's "ambiguity could have a chilling effect and prevent the use of phrases that were not meant to be forbidden."

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Jan 25, 2014 8:38 AM CST
"Anti-Semitism" is exploding around the world, because white people's awareness of Jewish treachery has finally reached critical mass. Why are all the majority-white countries of Europe being turned into 3rd-world sewers? Why do Jews and Israel consistently support massive non-white immigration for Europe and the United States, but then insist that Israel must remain racially pure? Why do the Jews in the universities preach that "Diversity is our greatest strength!" when clearly it is a tremendous weakness for our nations. The worldwide White Genocide is real, and the Jews are the cause of it. White Nationalism is growing exponentially throughout all of Europe and the United States, and the Jews are scared. White people have the right to have white nations on this earth. We want our grandchildren to grow up in societies that reflect the values of their ancestors. We want our grandchildren to be able to walk down the streets of their towns and see white faces smiling back at them, rather than seas of dark and alien faces unlike themselves. The Jewish supremacists have been very busy corrupting the white nations of the world, just as they were attempting to do to Germany before Hitler rose to power. Google the summer of 1941 Jewish book: "Germany Must Perish!" for just one example of Jewry's attacks. The book advocates the genocide through sterilization of all Germans and the territorial dismemberment of Germany. That is the sort of anti-German rhetoric Hitler and the Germans were subjected to by the Jewish supremacists of their time. Yes, the Jews started World War II. And they have been undermining all facets of traditional, healthy white societies even since, and putting a Judaized trash culture in their place. It is the purpose of the Jewish elite to enslave all of the non-Jewish world, as is commanded by their holiest book, the Talmud. Of course, almost none of this is taught now in our Jewish-controlled educational system in America. Consider that at Harvard, fully 25% of the student body is Jewish, while Jews make up only 1.8% of the populace of America. Similary, while non-Jewish whites comprise roughly 60% of the population, only 20% of Harvard students are non-Jewish whites. Therefore, the average Jew is around 40 times more likely to receive an incoming freshman slot at Harvard than an average non-Jewish white person. Think about what that says about the power structure in America, and who is dominating whom. Yes, Jews have been been thoroughly oppressing and killing the white world, but White Revolution is coming in 2014! Already there are pro-white battles taking place in the Ukraine, and with a victory in just one country, all of the dominos will fall, and world Jewry will have to answer for their crimes against humanity. And frankly, there's going to be hell to pay. So that white people may finally be truly free, may the next Adolph Hitler not be so compassionate this time!
Jan 24, 2014 9:25 PM CST
There's a lot of lies and outright fraud surrounding the "so called" holocaust, this is nothing but an attempt to bury the truth, a bold statement... perhaps, but I can show that much dishonesty surrounds the subject, go to You tube and watch this video. "david cole in auschwitz full documentary" and YES this will very much be a red pill blue pill choice, as for myself I chose the truth years ago.
Jan 23, 2014 1:16 PM CST
Here's an easier solution: Just ban everything that is not specifically mandated by the State. Everything would be illegal unless you are otherwise forced to do it. Enforcement would be easy. Everyone would be presumed guilty until proven innocent. There are plenty of historical examples to use for inspiration.