'Science Guy' Bill Nye, Creationist Square Off
Bill Nye makes the case for evolution
By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff
Posted Feb 5, 2014 4:36 AM CST
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(Newser) – In a showdown watched around the world Ken Ham believes is 6,000 years old, "Science Guy" Bill Nye traveled to Ham's home turf for a long anticipated debate on creationism vs. evolution. Some highlights from the slideshow-packed debate at Kentucky's Creation Museum, as per Time, USA Today, and the Courier-Journal:

  • Ham opened by arguing that "Science has been hijacked by secularists," and the teaching of evolution is "imposing the religion of atheism on generations of students." His interpretation of science, he said, supports his view that the Bible is a literal account of the Earth's creation.

  • Nye—who repeatedly stressed that the US will be left behind by other countries if it doesn't teach real science in schools—said Ham's assertion that "there is some difference between the natural laws that I observe today and the natural laws of 4,000 years ago" was "extraordinary and unsettling."
  • Ham focused heavily on what he called "observational science," wondering how Nye could be so sure about events and processes he didn't witness. "I challenge the evolutionists to admit the belief aspects of their particular worldview," he said.
  • As part of his critique of creationism, Nye explained the "kangaroo conundrum," wondering why, if kangaroos hopped from where Noah's Ark landed to Australia, no kangaroo bones have been found along the way. He also grabbed the attention of the 800-strong audience with a discussion of "traditional fish sex."
  • The final question was "What is the one thing more than anything else upon which you base your belief?" Ham and Nye predictably answered "The Bible" and "Science" respectively.
After the debate, the pair met again on CNN's Piers Morgan Live, where climate change was discussed along with evolution, Mediaite reports. Ham blamed this week's snowstorms on the world "winding down," while Nye said he is "very skeptical" of supernatural explanations for the weather.

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wen johnson
Feb 22, 2014 2:06 PM CST
That is because some religions put a bad name on true religion and some even teach about the Bible but they just believe that life stories of the past are fables. The Theologian that was debating with Nye, was not accurate about the 6th creative days + 1 day rest. According to science just like you said knows that the earth has been here a lot longer then 6,000 years. The Bible does not tell us that the creative days were a mere 24 hours in length. The Bible tell us about how God in his "own Time Table", not man's thoughts as to how he created life and the earth. So for the Theologian that said the creative days were 24 hours, that statement would certainly make scientists laugh. God still tells us in the Bible that he is STILL in the 7th day of rest. So over 6,000 years have past for man, but if God is still in his rest for that day, it gives us a clue as to how many thousands of years each creative day could be. Maybe, 7,000 years each or more. That is in more accord with the Bible and God's time line...."one day with God as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day." 2Peter 3:8 Also Apostle Paul said in his day, which was 4,000 years after man was created, that God was STILL in his 7th day of rest. Hebrews 4:1-10. So Christians back then knew Gods time table vrs man's 24 hr solar hours. In both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures, the word....day, is used in a literal and in a figurative or even symbolic sense. A SOLAR day is what we know, but in the Bible it talks about TIME periods like...during Gods judgement period, or the day of the Lord, Christ. So I can understand why a person would have to laugh about the creative days as being 24 hour solar days. What makes me believe in the history of the Bible is the prophecies that came true. Like the one where the Jews were told that they would be let free from Babylon by Cyrus and he would issue that proclamation for the Jews to return and build the Temple for true worship. It came true. With this prophecy, there is no way someone Christian could manipulate the scriptures to come true, because Cyrus was a powerful ruler and was a pagan, non-Christian. Also the Bible for told the destruction of his people because of their FALSE worship trying to mix with pure worship. That is what happened when Babylon destroyed Jerusalem in that specific year. Today there is false worship and true worship.....and we are warned about that in the Bible, so I can understand why science and most people thinks that religion and the Bible is a crock. Just think of what man has done in the name of religion and put a bad name on the Bible!!! But, there are those that try and teach what the Bible teaches by their fruits so to speak. They only teach truth from the Bible and not Man made traditions that taint the Bible. But how do we know what Religion out there teaches truth? The Bible tells us some clues: John 13:35 says: " By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have LOVE among yourselves." Also 1John 4:20 says: "If anyone says,"I love God," and yet is hating his brother, he is a liar. For the one who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen." Verse 21, :And we have this commandment from him, that whoever loves God must also love his brother." So the Bible tells us that those that hate their brothers do not love God....But what religions today really follow that and still teach that they are Christians....when it comes to WAR. What religions turned their heads when they knew what Hitler was doing to mankind? Each side praying to their God to help them win the war....in fact most religion is the source of bloodshed in war and they truly are liars that they teach, preach, and think they represent God. So you need to ask yourself, what religion today by their fruits, in conduct, they do not kill their brothers in any country worldwide, they also vindicate God's name worldwide, they also have a worldwide unity. They also show love for all, teaching them truths from the Bible even tho most rather believe lies their church traditions are higher then God's thoughts. The Bible also gives a clue: Matt 24:14 says: "This good news of the KINGDOM, will be preached throughout the inhabited earth for a WITNESS to all the nations and then the end will come." Who are the only ones worldwide preaching telling others about "God's Kingdom" and that by means of that Kingdom God will straighten this worlds mess out? Also what Faith is the only one like Jesus who vindicates God's name while other churches hide that name, and take his Divine name out of the Bible that was in the Bible over 7,000 times. ( How can they profess to serve people and God when they hide that name.) I will let you figure out who, try, even tho imperfect, do the best they can to bring Bible truths to others and a hope for mankind and show a true brotherly love for all.
Don Tener
Feb 18, 2014 1:21 AM CST
Anyone who believes in a book that relies on self affirmation and has no factual knowledge should wake up and smell the truth. The bible was written to control the people of the time when it was written. It was used to murder and pillage the week and is the most evil thing on this planet!!!
Feb 6, 2014 8:54 PM CST
Sorry I'm late, boys and girls. According to the photo of Ham and Nye, Nye looks as if he has one foot on a grave marker and the other foot sliding rapidly to beneath it. Aging is a hungry bear for an atheist, isn't it? Lord Jesus placed that in me to write, the above comment naturally. Dinner time for the Serpent!