Best Friend Kills Boy, 12, With Pellet Gun
Justin Ingle and best friend were playing when accident occurred
By Shelley Hazen, Newser User
Posted Aug 20, 2014 1:31 PM CDT

(Newser) – A night of fun between two best friends at a sleepover turned deadly when one allegedly accidentally shot the other in the head with a pellet gun, McAlester News-Capital reports. Justin Ingle, 12, died Saturday at a Tulsa, Okla., hospital of head trauma, reports the Raw Story. The incident happened Friday night in the town of Bache. Police say the boy was hit in the temple from only a few feet away by a pellet traveling at 1,250 feet per second, according to KOTV. "This juvenile has got to live with this the rest of his life," the sheriff says, referring to the boy—not being named due to his age—who allegedly fired the shot. He told authorities he didn't think the pellet gun was loaded.

An investigation is ongoing, but so far, authorities believe the shooting was accidental—"horseplay," as the sheriff calls it. "You don’t think of death when you think of pellet or BB guns," the sheriff says, but "this is not your Red Rider standard gun." In the past, it was "not unusual to lose an eye, or something of that effect with a BB gun," but these days, new models are much more powerful and can kill, though such deaths are uncommon, he explains. (Earlier this year, a 7-year-old was accidentally shot and killed by a 5-year-old who was looking for his toy gun.)

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Oct 20, 2014 9:31 AM CDT
im just saying but if anyone bes mean to the person who accidently shot justin i am gonna be very mad becouse justin was my best friend and that boy was his best friend as well i know them so ya i would know not being rood or any thing
Russell's Teapot
Aug 31, 2014 7:46 PM CDT
When you ban BB guns, fools will just get real guns! Órale!
Aug 24, 2014 6:58 PM CDT
I read many comments. People safety needs to be taught period. Yes BB guns can be dangerous, Yes so can other things like trampoline's and swimming pools, etc. Do we need government telling us what to do? Or do we need more common sense and more safety teachings. I taught both my kids safety of all types when they were little kids and continued as they grow up. Both are now young adults 18 and 24 and I still take ever chance to teach them safety. You never stop teaching your kids, You never assume anything. Your job is to raise your kids period. I not sure what happen in this case. Accidents do happen of all kinds, You can not stop every Accident from happening. But as a parent I have a responsibility to my kids. Do you scare your kids never teaching them or do you teach them. I don't want government telling me how to raise my kids. I like my father will teach my kids what I find important. Not to run from my responsibility, Not to fear things, but to have a mind set to know safety , to take responsibility, to value life and others property, Not to be a thug, criminal or careless. Like it or not just as automobiles are dangerous, just as using a knife or a ladder. just as using a drill, or a nail gun, Using matches to light a fire, Guns are a tool we use , They are to be respected, they are to be used with the utmost care and safety. If you teach your kid to fear and or to be careless with thing then they have no respect for it. A car is extremely dangerous. A 2000 lb vehicle that at speeds of 60 and 70 miles and hour is like a moving missile. Even at slow speeds they are extremely dangerous. Yet we train our kids and turn them lose behind the wheel, we also give them a cell phone the 2 combine is the most dangerous thing a teenager can ever have at the same time. yet we think nothing at all given them these things, WHY? don't say that kids are not killed in them, thousands each year die driving them and killing others as well. So parents do the best job you can period.