Judge Blocks Louisiana's New Abortion Law
Suit says law would force all 5 state clinics to close
By Newser Editors and Wire Services
Posted Sep 1, 2014 3:12 AM CDT
Updated Sep 1, 2014 4:03 AM CDT
Abortion rights supporters and anti-abortion protesters rally outside the Supreme Court in Washington earlier this year.   (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

(Newser) – A federal judge has temporarily blocked Louisiana from enforcing its restrictive new abortion law, which requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of their clinics. But lawyers and advocates appeared to disagree about whether the judge's order affects doctors at all five abortion clinics in the state or only those at three clinics whose lawsuit challenges the measure. The lawsuit claims doctors haven't had enough time to obtain the privileges and the law likely would close all five clinics.

The judge's order states that "any enforcement" of the law is forbidden until a hearing. However, his next sentences state that the law will go into effect, but plaintiffs cannot be penalized for practicing without admitting privileges during this period while their applications are still pending. The "ruling ensures Louisiana women are safe from an underhanded law that seeks to strip them of their health and rights," the president of the Center for Reproductive Rights said in a statement, although the center is still analyzing the decision. In July, an appeals court ruled against a similar law that would have forced Mississippi's sole abortion clinic to close.

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Sep 2, 2014 9:23 PM CDT
far from over........
Sep 1, 2014 3:00 PM CDT
The nature of the supporters of lies and malignance so frequently if not always tends toward the same. gomer99 with their name calling and open contempt, an echo of their deep seared inherently hating nature. And note the craven and conniving use of a controversial term, “bigotry” to divert from the truth to an illusory path. There is no bigotry involved in wanting to keep human beings from being killed. To the name calling and contempt add such abusiveness as llorT's vulgarity, barry's coarseness, and fractal's dismissiveness. Incidentally, abortion is not a matter of “a blastocyst that doesn't implant”, it's the destruction of an almost entirely fully formed human being, one that has to have already implanted. Incidentally, as far as fractal's assertion of God spontaneously aborting “one in three embryos” but not being condemned for it, among other things, who effectively owns something can do as they wish, while such is not necessarily given to those who don't own it. And, whether they wanted to or not, fractal opens at least one issue. Maybe, when embryos don't spontaneously abort, when they do proceed, it's because God has a plan. Maybe that plan might even include someone who has been too self destructively indiscriminate and reckless with their life becoming more thoughtful about what they do. If they don't engage in being circumspect on their own, God can provide a reason to become circumspect. Maybe those who are thoughtful enough on their own will not find themselves in a situation that can demand a limit on their activities. Until the God haters can prove God is not present, there is no legitimacy in not viewing that as a possibility that should be considered. Add also fractal's loathsome depiction of “fetus worshipers”. As well as the unproved, which means nothing to the liars, accusation of “rabid anti-choicers” inside hospitals who will “do almost anything” to prevent “doctors” operating abortuaries from getting privileges. Interfering with hospital procedure can bring heavy repercussions. Note how easily the liars level accusations without proof and even sense. So reminiscent of claims of Nazis leveling accusations without proof and foundation at the Jews! And fractal's delusional representation of “anti-choicers” even infiltrating abortuary staffs and “losing charts and lab reports”, lying about phone in orders the “doctor” gave or the patient's interactions with staff. Abortuaries are same day service. Walk in, walk out. No lab reports. No tests. You ask for the elective surgery and you get it! All this elusive, clandestine activity by neighborhood groups, yet how much credence has fractal ever extended any conspiracy theories I have provided compelling evidence for! Hypocrisy is a reliable indicator of the presence of malignance. But, then, the anti abortion group can be absolutely right in saying that calling for hygienic conditions and the “doctor” having hospital privileges is a dodge to prevent abortions without actually outlawing them. Rather than demand no abortions, the law makers worked on the basis of universal characteristics they know exist in all abortuaries, conditions more unsanitary than the city dump and “doctors” who barely deserve the title, who don't have hospital privileges because providing privileges means a hospital knows the “doctor” is qualified, board certified, capable, and the dimwits that end up in the abortion trade tend to be those who graduated at the bottoms of their classes! But, then, consider, if requiring these common sense precautions is just a way around banning abortion, what were the waivers on hygiene and competence that allowed the abortuaries to stay in existence all these years but craven machinations to promote the practice? A malignant situation itself to exist, declaring something to be a person's legal “right”, also a controversial term intended to derail valid discussion, and to insist that they be allowed to engage in any life endangering activity to exercise that “right”! And that, too, is a indicator of the presence of foul intent.
Sep 1, 2014 1:10 PM CDT
The Krazy Kristians are no different from the Sharia law wackos. Religious bigotry should NEVER impinge on the rights of others.