10 Computers That Changed Everything

Before the iMac, there were mega machines
By Victoria Floethe,  Newser User
Posted Jul 16, 2008 8:21 PM CDT
IBM System/360 control panel (model 91)   ((c) Marcin Wichary)
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(Newser) – Convenience is a given when it comes to today's PCs, but the machine you're reading this on has come a long way. Major transformations date as far back as the early 19th century. Live Science gives the back-story on 10 revolutionary computers.

  1. The Difference Engine, 1822: Designed by Charles Babbage but not built until decades later, today's replicas show this math-table-generating machine to work flawlessly.
  2. ENIAC, 1946: This US Army computer weighed 30 tons, used 17,478 vacuum tubes, and consumed 150 kilowatts.

  1. IBM System/360, 1964: Met a huge demand for business computers and provided the market foundation for the modern computer industry.
  2. Datapoint 2200, 1970: Now forgotten, it was the project for which Intel developed its now ubiquitous microprocessor.
  3. Xerox PARC Alto, 1974: Has all the features of  the computer you are using now, but Xerox got cold feet after inventing it and never put in on the market.
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