New Addictions for Election Junkies

Games and Google Trends, Webisodes and Weaving, there's lots to choose from
By Kristina Loew,  Newser User
Posted Nov 6, 2008 7:45 PM CST
Replace with one of these Internet sites.   (Flickr)

(Newser) – With the election finally over, Web-surfing news junkies are in need of a new fix. Slate offers a few ways to fritter away the hours:

  • Follow the financial crisis: Exciting, depressing, full of numbers—the best way to keep that election high going just a little longer. Sites such as NPR's Planet Money are winners.
  • Watch CollegeHumor: The web is full of fun video clips and webisodes, including “You Suck at Photoshop," a Web series “in which a disaffected loser dishes about his miserable life as he tries to teach you how to edit photos.”

  • Visit Google Trends: A great way to find out what people are searching online. Sports stats, wedding announcements—even the rumored death of a rapper who is still very much alive.
  • Join a niche social network: Bored with MySpace and Facebook? Try sites dedicated to divorces, diseases, knitting or Ning, a site that lets you create your own network.
  • Play World of Goo: If you’re looking for something as weird and wacky as a presidential election, then Goo is for you.  “A physics-strategy game that's something of a cross between Legos, Super Mario Galaxy and a Tim Burton movie.”