Questions Obama Should Answer About Blago

By Gabriel Winant,  Newser User
Posted Dec 11, 2008 8:26 AM CST

(Newser) – Barack Obama says he hasn't spoken with Rod Blagojevich about his successor, but that's not all we need to know, writes Politico. Some suggested ice-breakers for today's Obama press conference:

  • "Did you communicate directly or indirectly with Blagojevich about picking your replacement in the US Senate?” Blago's wiretapped conversations seem to suggest that a line of communication was open.

  • "When did you learn the investigation involved Blagojevich’s alleged efforts to 'sell' your Senate seat, or of the governor’s impending arrest?" Can it be that Jesse Jackson Jr  got a heads-up before the president-elect?
  • "Did federal investigators interview you or anyone close to you in the investigation?" Not unexpectedly, Tony Rezko's name is cropping up again.
  • “Do you regret supporting Blagojevich?”
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