Newser Crushes HighBeam (in Game 3)

HighBeam defeats Newser in the series
By John Filut,  Newser User
Posted Mar 17, 2007 8:00 AM CDT

(Newser) – In a surprising comeback, the Newser Ninjas crushed the HighBeam Highlanders in the third game of their semi-annual competition. After the game, Newser captain John Filut summarized his participation, saying, "I was proud to win with a high score of 195, but I felt sorry for the HighBeam bowlers that had practiced so hard only to fall short of the high score honor."

After the event it was agreed that everyone had a good time and that the spirit is more about having fun and not who wins or loses. HighBeam captain Dave Guttman even indicated that he "wanted to take everyone out for a nice steak meal" to celebrate the teamwork demonstrated (although its unclear if he was only speaking of the HighBeam team or if Newser will also be invited). Unfortunately scores from the event are not available but for the record, HighBeam won the first two games while Newser took the third (which didn't really count since HighBeam had already been declared victorious).