Wanted: Female Bloggers Not Afraid of Math
Feminists focus on fluffy recession news, hurt women's cause
By Katherine Thompson,  Newser Staff
Posted May 26, 2009 5:47 PM CDT
So far, the majority of women's blogs have tackled the faltering economy by writing about lipstick sales and the effects on models' weights.   (Flickr)

(Newser) – What movies do broke people watch? How do lipstick sales reflect a limping economy? A review of women's blogs shows a dangerous emphasis on "recession lite," writes Linda Hirshman for DoubleX. What women need is someone willing to do the math and go to bat against the men arguing that they should get more of the stimulus pie.

The standard argument says that because 80% of recent layoff victims were male, job creation should be in male-dominated fields. But that's bogus math, writes Hirshman: we should be looking at overall unemployment, where women are closing in on men. "What's missing on the web is a feminist economist who can both do the math and get attention for it," says Hirshman, who sees hope in voices such as Lucinda Marshall of Girls Guide to the Economy and Megan McCardle of the Atlantic.