Site Sells Shares in Boob Jobs

"Benefactors" pay to view naked photos and chat with women wanting implants

(Newser) – Web entrepreneur Jason Grunstra says his site is just a service connecting people with similar interests. The interest happens to be breasts, and the site connects those who like to look at them with those who'd like to have theirs enlarged. Women upload pictures of themselves, hoping to attract “benefactors” who will contribute to the cost of their implants, in exchange for a peek at the goods, Yahoo reports.

It's called, and Grunstra says currently a thousand women are vying for the attention of over 10,000 benefactors. Twenty-eight women have had implant surgery paid for. The money, upwards of $4000 a pop, goes directly to the doctors. One blogger likened the service to prostitution, and even Grunstra’s girlfriend said it set women back 50 years.