The World's 10 Weirdest Eats

From chicken knees to grub guts, someone considers them a delicacy
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 7, 2009 5:50 AM CST
Supposedly, grubs taste like chicken.   (©davidseth)
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(Newser) – In an adventurous mood? You might want to try one of the world’s top 10 culinary challenges, compiled by Eddie Lin for the Times of London:

  • Alligator cheesecake, New Orleans: Yes, real alligator, mixed with cheese and shrimp.
  • Blood tongue, Germany: Exactly what it sounds like: Cow tongue and blood.
  • Cow udder, Italy: Stewed or fried by the Tuscan poor, when prime cuts went to the rich.

  • Chicken knee, China and Japan: No bones, just crunchy cartilage in these delicacies.
  • Haggis, Scotland: Sheep’s heart, liver, and lung mixed with seasoning—then piped into a sheep’s stomach to be served.
  • Natto, Japan: Foul-smelling, fermented soybeans are said to offer serious health benefits.
  • Witchetty grub, Australia: Witchetty is a bush, and the wiggly, juicy grubs found under it are consumed raw or charred.
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