Current TV: Palin a 'TWILF'
Jury still out, sort of, on what that means
By Harry Kimball, Newser Staff
Posted Nov 16, 2009 1:02 PM CST
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(Newser) – Let the Web 2.0 acronym wars commence! Al Gore’s Current TV took a swipe at multiple conservative leaders and the media in a cartoon video dubbed “Stupid Virus,” but its treatment of Sarah Palin has been singled out. In the video, Palin’s twitter handle is shown to be “Gun-Ho;” then, a graphic of her in a fake newscast is captioned “Twilf.” A charitable definition of “Twilf” is “Tweep I’d like to follow,” Adam Ostrow writes on Mashable, but you can probably think of a few others.

If you take a look at Urban Dictionary, you’ll also probably find definitions you really wouldn’t have thought of, at all, ever. In any case, it’s best to keep everything in perspective: the video also depicts Glenn Beck throwing his own feces at two CDC scientists and a talking monkey.

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Nov 17, 2009 5:33 AM CST
@shannon Right- it is not how they look that will dictate how they will perform in the Oval Office. It's about attitude: Does she work late? Does she enjoy cigars and pizza? Can she hum "Hail to the Chief?"-Bill Clinton
Nov 17, 2009 4:53 AM CST
@dly - talk about a fetish. palin is yours. with recent comments by her "handlers" in the failed mccain ticket she becomes the new poster girl for "you lie" by staffers who went on record against her petulant and childish complaints of their treatment towards her. oh poor me, says palin. palin needs to grow some skin thicker than what she has. and that awful shrill and shrieking voice has to go. stop the whining sarah and DLY stop your reverence for such loser.
Nov 17, 2009 3:17 AM CST
HAHAHA just as newser posts a story about a new poll: ---- fantastic timing DLY! surely you must be joking that palin could one day be something other than a blithering idiot.