Powell: It's Time to Lay Off Obama
Republicans, at some point, are going to have to do something, he says
By Polly Davis Doig, Newser Staff
Posted Feb 21, 2010 11:50 AM CST
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell.   (AP Photo/Courtesy CNN Larry King Live)

(Newser) – It's time to get past the incessant partisan potshots being taken at President Obama and forge some progress, Colin Powell told Face the Nation today. "I don’t think the country will be well served if the next three years are attempts to bring him down and destroy him as a political figure," said the Republican, who added that "Americans will want to see some progress" and said he doesn't regret voting for Obama in 2008. Powell also dismissed Dick Cheney's suggestions that the country was less safe under Obama as bunk: "To suggest that somehow we’ve become much less safe because of the administration isn’t born out by the facts.”

  • Powell also supported the Obama administration's move to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in federal court, but "would not have picked downtown New York."
  • David Petraeus became the latest to endorse repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, telling Meet the Press he's "not sure" that fellow soldiers actually care about the sexuality of their peers. "Over time we said, 'Hey how is this guy's shooting, or how is her analysis, or what have you?'"
  • Evan Bayh tweaked both parties on his way out the door, saying Republicans are sacrificing national good for short-term political gain while Dems are ideological purists who "need to be a little more pragmatic."
  • Amen, says Mitch McConnell, decrying the Dems as "arrogant" and "having a hard time getting the message" on health reform. "The American people do not want this bill to pass," he told Fox News Sunday. McConnell added that the GOP "may well" vote for Dems' jobs bill, though he was noncommittal.

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Feb 26, 2010 8:11 AM CST
And just a quick retort to Mr. Lannings note to me, "Obama did study and worship ( I can understand study, but the worshipping is an inference on your part, Mr. Lanning) the Quran when he was young..." So what is your point? What if he did, does that make him less the President? I studied the Bible, Torah, and the Koran during my studies at UCLA. Does that make me a Christian, Jew and Moslem all roled into one? Because I have, does it make me ineligible to be President of the United States? Take a look around, buddy. We are a multicultural and, much to the chagrin of many "English Only" fanatics, multiligual nation. The founders of our nation had the foresight to allow for diversity in religion. But, of course, you already know this. As for your closing question, "Do you know anything about any of the presidents that is factual?" Who the hell do you think you're talking to? Do you know anything about me? You are too easy on yourself, sir. You read a couple of lines on what I've written here and you think you already know me, my mindset? I would expect someone like you (who seems to have some facts at your fingertips) would be gracious in expressing your opinions here. Stand reminded, sir. At best, ALL we do here is shed our opinions. NONE of us are writing policy, unless of course you are one of those in Congress that is stonewalling any and all ideas that are being brought to the table simply in the hopes of creating a lame presidency for the next three years. Those, truly, are sour grapes from a political party that claims it has the best interest of the nation's people at heart. I suggest to you, sir, should you want to speak to me that you do so with some civility. Otherwise, you can rant and rave all you want...but receive no acknowledgment from me.
Feb 23, 2010 7:55 AM CST
It's time for Colic Powell to shut the hell up, he has shown his RINO colors BLACK. Crawl back in your hole MR. Token.
Feb 23, 2010 1:38 AM CST
That's for "NailinPalin",You "DIRTY RAT'": I see that you'rrrre a porn afficionado! "Nailin Palin" is a porn DVD series made to parody and denigrate Gov.Palin... As a pseudo "political analist", you could have come up with something more credible and original for your Ad Lib! Try to point both your index and your thumb(extended) in the same direction: comes right back to you, doesn't it?......either way! For the central point in the body of the article concerning Collin Powell comments about Obama? Should have let his public career end with the military:The man is "amphibious" and in fact was never a real REP... Only became one to promote his military career. (Not enough room here into go into details...) There's is an elementr of psychological confusion here : In all venues of societies at large, all "Half&Half" individuals suffer from the syndrome of Identity confusion, whether it be "Gender", "Sexuality", "Ethnicity' or any other trait that places them between two or more distinct groups: they can can be one thing one moment and be another the next! We can easily observe that in both Obama and C. Powell: a sort of duality where they often feel that can be either or at any convenient time or opportunity; they can switch at a moment's notice, sizing the trend of the time, the "mood" of the people or the flow of the moment...'Half&Half"s are the most cynical elements of society, the most opportunistics and the smoothest as they know hhow they can play all sides concerned and how to twist situations to their advantave: they can be dividers or rallyiers, accusers or victims and have no "real' full allegiance to any one side or group. The similarities and commonalities between Obama and C.powell are striking both in backgroungs and origins: cross-raced/African-American:... (Half&Half); immigrants:dual nationalities...(Half&half), community-organiser/politician...(Half&Half), military/politician...(Half&half)... ecetera. Harry Reid was so right about Obama evoquing the duality that is so obvious in the man! Being a half-breed myself and a "real immigrant", I have felt that duality for a long time and the generic confusion that goes with it until I decided that I wanted to be a man first: not a chocolate/black man/African-American; gave my alliegiace to America and became a real American speaking English; and becoming an independant with a political philosophy based on real Americam values, not an opportunistic Lib as would be expected of me... My motto? Do what is right for America and I'll position myself to get my piece of the pie...