Skydiving + Kayak = Skyaking

Man invents new extreme sport by jumping out of plane in a boat

By Kevin Spak,  Newser User

Posted Mar 6, 2010 9:08 AM CST
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(Newser) – Have you ever wished that skydiving involved more aquatic equipment? Of course you have. Well, behold skyaking, a new extreme sport that consists of jumping out of a plane in a kayak, spinning around a bit, then deploying a parachute and coming in for a water landing. So far, it’s got exactly one practitioner: Miles Daisher, a 40-year-old Idaho native and all-around daredevil—he’s also BASE jumped more than anyone else in the world.

“It took us nearly a year before we could get our wish to come true as no one was really looking to throw a kayak out of an airplane,” Daisher tells the Telegraph, but after a few successful trials those obstacles melted; now, he’s skyaked everywhere from Mexico to Abu Dhabi. He says it’s a unique experience—you fall slower than normal skydiving thanks to the kayak’s surface area, and keeping upright requires "some decent balance skills."

Miles Daisher is seen in freefall in this YouTube screenshot.
Miles Daisher is seen in freefall in this YouTube screenshot.   (
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Miles Daisher goes skyaking.   (
Another view of Daisher's kayak skydive.   (

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