Pimple Popping Shouldn't Be Taboo
After all, we don't mind discussing celebrity private parts
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 20, 2010 10:30 AM CDT
Pimple popping is universally believed to be gross. But why?   (Shutter Stock)

(Newser) – You can blow your nose in public and discuss irregular bowel movements with a friend—but mention pimple popping, and the world goes “ewwww.” But “who hasn't popped a pimple? Who doesn't get a painful little prick of satisfaction from doing so?” writes David Marchese for Salon. If “Lady Gaga's labia can become water cooler fodder” and “Tiger Woods' golden shower-related texts are read by millions,” why are we freaked out by popping zits?

Perhaps it’s because of the old wives’ tales about pimple causes: too much candy, dirty hands—“all the habits of an individual with a weak, decadent will,” Marchese theorizes. And “if acne-sufferers are bad, poppers are even worse. They can't keep their hands off themselves long enough to heal,” indicating a certain self-destructive streak. But guess what? It’s not actually bad for you—as long as you do it correctly. Check out this helpful guide for tips.