Dr. Laura Spews the N-Word... Then Apologizes

(User Submitted) – Dr. Laura Schlessinger has apologized for using the n-word...six times. In response to a black woman seeking advice on how to appropriately respond to alleged racism from her white husband's friends, Dr. Laura started talking in a way that would make Paul Mooney blush on Tuesday's show. Her words: "Black guys use it all the time. Turn on HBO and listen to a black comic, and all you hear is n*****, n*****, n*****. I don't get it. If anybody without enough melanin says it, it's a horrible thing. But when black people say it, it's affectionate."

The caller was dismayed, saying, "I can't believe someone like you is on the radio spewing out the n-word, and I hope everybody heard it." Responded Dr. Laura, "Yes they did, and I'll say it again: n*****, n*****, n***** is what you hear on HBO." And in her defense, she made NAACP a verb: "Don't take things out of context. Don't NAACP me, leave them in context." She backtracked Wednesday, saying, "I did the wrong thing. I didn't intend to hurt people, but I did. I was attempting to make a philosophical point, and I articulated the "n" word all the way out—more than one time. And that was wrong. I'll say it again—that was wrong." Read the full article on Gawker.