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The World's Greatest Hitchhiker and His 'Wandering Princess'

Juan Villarino and Laura Lazzarino wander the world together on $7 a day

(Newser) - It takes more than a durable thumb and the stomach for strangers to be a top-notch vagabond. Take it from Juan Villarino, dubbed the "world's best hitchhiker" by Wes Enzinna for the New York Times , which profiles Villarino and picks his brain for how he's become the... More »

Man Emerges After 6 Months Alone in the Wild

Kristoffer Glestad lived out his childhood dream in Northwest Territories

(Newser) - "People aren't meant to be alone." That's Kristoffer Glestad's revelation after spending six months in isolation in the Canadian wilderness. Living off the land with a few hundred pounds of gear probably sounds like a nightmare to some, but it was Glestad's childhood dream.... More »

Insane-Sounding Ocean Race 'Round the World Has Begun

Some of the contenders in the Clipper yacht challenge have zero experience

(Newser) - A competition deemed "human will against nature" by its founder (the first person to ever sail, solo, nonstop around the world) officially kicked off today in London, with a motley assortment of mostly run-of-the-mill folks vying to win the 40,000-nautical-mile contest that will reach six continents, NBC News... More »

JFK Jr. a Pot-Smoking Thrill Seeker: Ex's Memoir

Come to the Edge by Christina Haag recounts daring adventures

(Newser) - Whether flinging Noxzema-filled paper towel bombs from the windows of posh Manhattan high rises, smoking marijuana, or skirting death-by-kayak off the coast of Jamaica, three things were true of JFK, Jr: He loved adventure, hated the sight of blood, and owned at least one tantric sex book. In her memoir,... More »

12 Lost Treasures You Can Search For

In the mood for an adventure? Here are a dozen places to begin your search

(Newser) - There are still some places in the world where X marks the spot. The Huffington Post lists a dozen locations ripe for real-life treasure hunting:
  1. Superstition Mountains, Ariz.: The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine is supposedly hidden somewhere in these mountains ... and full of ancient Apache treasure.
  2. Kaliningrad, Russia: The Amber
... More »

Death-Defying Adventure Normal for 'Super Repo Man'

(Newser) - No one told Nick Popovich there’d be an army of neo-Nazis guarding the plane he’d been hired to grab. But when they put a gun to his temple, he didn’t flinch. “You better go ahead and shoot,” he said, “cause I’m grabbing that... More »

Last Survivors Land in Chile

Passengers share harrowing tales

(Newser) - A military plane flew the last 77 survivors of a sunken tour ship to Chile today, BBC reports. Some evacuees had already gone to the capital, Santagios, to return to their home countries. Others gave detailed, personal accounts of the shipwreck, revealing their fears of freezing to death and their... More »

Top Thrills for Your Holiday Buck

Challenge yourself and whatever unfortunates you bring along in these nail-biting vacation adventures

(Newser) - Timid vacationers whose idea of a good time is a book and a beach chair need not peruse this list of adventures, compiled by Forbes.
  1. Dive with sharks in the Bahamas (
  2. Fly a fighter jet in California (
  3. High-altitude skydiving in Memphis ( )
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