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Cops: Woman High on Meth Accidentally Kills Husband

Pennsylvania woman may not have recognized him

(Newser) - Couples that do meth together, don't stay together—in at least one instance. Police in Pennsylvania have charged 31-year-old Trista Zickefoose in the shooting death of her husband, reports WJAC . The AP reports that they had smoked meth Sunday night, then argued; about 11:40pm she heard a noise... More »

Big Problem in Iran: Crystal Meth

Meth labs sprouting across country despite harsh penalties

(Newser) - Iran is breaking bad. Officials say methamphetamine production and abuse of hard drugs are skyrocketing in the country despite potentially lethal criminal penalties for users if they're caught. The increase is partly because Iran is the main gateway for the region's top drug exporter, Afghanistan—and partly because... More »

Trick-or-Treater Given Bag of Crystal Meth

Parents find it among 8-year-old's candy

(Newser) - Checking out their 8-year-old daughter's Halloween candy, parents in the San Francisco Bay Area came upon something that definitely wasn't a Snickers. It was a .1-gram bag of crystal meth, police say. "This could have been intentional or it could have been accidental, and we won't... More »

Report: Hitler Was on Crystal Meth

Nazi leader took 74 drugs in all, says US dossier

(Newser) - Adolf Hitler apparently relied on a stunning array of drugs while ruling Nazi Germany, including one made popular by the show Breaking Bad: crystal meth. According to a 47-page US military dossier, a physician filled the Fuhrer with barbiturate tranquilizers, morphine, bulls' semen, a pill that contained crystal meth, and... More »

Cops Arrest 3, Mistake Jolly Ranchers for Meth

New York City now paying $33K to the trio in a settlement

(Newser) - Three Brooklyn men left a candy store in Coney Island last year with Jolly Rancher candies in their pockets. Two police officers who claimed to have been tipped by an undercover cop promptly handcuffed the men, saying they'd been seen selling crystal meth. A later NYPD lab test determined... More »

Cops Reveal Why Utah Mom Killed 6 Babies

'Selfish' Megan Huntsman chose meth over children

(Newser) - What could drive a mother to smother six babies as soon as she gave birth to them? Police in Utah say it was pure selfishness, driven by drug addiction. Megan Huntsman was a heavy methamphetamine user when she strangled or suffocated the newborns between 1996 and 2006, a police spokesman... More »

Cops Find Meth Lab ... in Retirement Community

Neighbors say 64-year-old kept to himself

(Newser) - Ah, retirement, the golden years when you can relax, play some golf, and cook a little meth. At least, that's allegedly what it's been like for 64-year-old Robert Short. Police pulled over the senior citizen for a routine traffic stop on Saturday night, only to discover that he... More »

In North Korea, You Want Meth With That?

The drug is everywhere, not frowned upon, and a budding cottage industry

(Newser) - North Korea's growing drug problems are fairly well documented, and the Los Angeles Times today takes a deeper dive into the reasons driving the rise, particularly that of crystal meth. In a harsh nation where the sins of an uncle can doom an entire branch of the family tree... More »

Blue Breaking Bad Meth Showing Up in New Mexico

Dealers apparently hoping to cash in on show

(Newser) - A new type of meth is on the rise in New Mexico, and it would make Walter White proud. Federal investigators say blue-tinted meth, just like the kind seen on AMC's Breaking Bad, is being sold in the state. Authorities say distributors are cutting the drug with chemicals to... More »

Oregon Couple Tip Waitress With Crystal Meth

Cops then find meth lab in their Holiday Inn room

(Newser) - After dinner and drinks Thursday at a steakhouse in Seaside, Ore., a cash-light couple tried to tip their server with some of what they'd been cooking—crystal meth. After paying their tab with a gift card, the pair handed the waitress an envelope marked with a question mark containing... More »

Couple 'Win' Vacation, End Up as Drug Mules

Canadian arrested in connection with bogus trip contest

(Newser) - If an all-expenses paid trip to Canada, including accommodations and new luggage, sounds too good to be true, well, hindsight is 20/20. An Australian couple thought they'd won a dream vacation when they were revealed as the "lucky" winners of a contest they'd entered online. It turns... More »

Cops Bust Men for Possessing ... Jolly Ranchers

Thought they were crystal meth

(Newser) - A man in New York is now suing the New York Police Department after officers arrested him and his friend back in June—thinking they were carrying crystal meth. The trouble is, that meth was actually just Jolly Ranchers. Newsy reports: More »

Iran Botches Man's Hanging, Plans a Do-Over

If at first you don't succeed...

(Newser) - On the laundry list of public despair over government's inability to do anything right, "executing criminals" doesn't usually get a mention—particularly in Iran, which is more than a little practiced at capital punishment . But the Guardian presents the case of Alireza, a 37-year-old drug smuggler sentenced... More »

Walter White Cost His Neighbors Almost $30K

Study shows meth labs a huge drain on local property values

(Newser) - Don't worry, no spoilers ahead (though Business Insider tells this story through slightly spoiler-colored glasses, if you're up to speed on the show). Breaking Bad's Walter White may have stashed a lot of meth-cash in his home over the seasons, but he's not exactly bringing money... More »

N. Korea's Latest Demon: Crystal Meth

Country is in throes of 'drug epidemic,' says journal

(Newser) - Illegal drugs are a growing problem in North Korea—and some users are turning to the substances to cure common illnesses, the BBC reports. "The whole of North Korean society is being affected by illegal drugs," a defector tells South Korea's Chosun Ilbo . "Some wealthy people... More »

Scourge of Crystal Meth? Blame Hitler

Der Spiegel recounts drug's origins in Nazi Germany

(Newser) - Crystal meth may seem to be an unfortunate American invention, but der Spiegel recounts the drug's history and pins it squarely on Hitler's Nazi Germany. The first iteration of meth went on the market there in 1938 as Pervitin courtesy of Berlin drugmaker Temmler Werke. The military quickly... More »

Breaking Bad Redux? Ailing Teacher Called Meth Dealer

Boston police say tutor with cancer took delivery at school

(Newser) - See if this sounds familiar: A teacher undergoing cancer treatments has been accused of being a meth dealer. It may sound like Breaking Bad, but Boston police say Stephen Doran, 57, is the real deal, reports WHDH . He was arrested after cops say he received a package with nearly 500... More »

Voice of Elmo Sued Over Meth-Fueled Sex Parties

Sheldon Stephens files lawsuit against Kevin Clash

(Newser) - The original 'voice of Elmo' accuser, Sheldon Stephens, has now officially sued Kevin Clash, alleging the former Sesame Street puppeteer lured him into a sexual relationship when he was underage. Stephens, who originally recanted his claims of sex abuse only to recant his recant amid reports that Clash had... More »

US Meth Labs Migrating From Country to Cities

Smaller, more portable labs make production easier

(Newser) - Methamphetamine lab seizures are on the rise in US cities and suburbs, raising new concerns about a lethal drug that has long been the scourge of rural America. Data and interviews from an AP investigation found growing numbers of meth lab seizures in cities such as St. Louis; Kansas City,... More »

15 Tons of Meth Seized in Mexico

Haul's street value a staggering $4B

(Newser) - Mexican authorities have busted a meth superlab and seized a staggering amount of pure methamphetamine—15 tons, more than double the amount of all meth seizures made at the border last year, and more than 100 times the biggest-ever meth bust in the USA. The sheer size of the bust—... More »

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