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Amazon: Workers Taking Bribes From Desperate Sellers

Amazon employees, mainly in China, are offering data in exchange for money, sources say

(Newser) - To best hawk a product on Amazon, third-party sellers hope for a coveted spot on the site's first page of search results, a ranking that's boosted by positive reviews. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal those rankings could be affected by "illicit transactions" between sellers and Amazon... More »

First Data Theft, Now a Threat to National Security: Report

Stolen data from Yahoo involved more than 150K accounts of government workers, military: Bloomberg

(Newser) - Yahoo announced Wednesday that hackers lifted info from more than 1 billion accounts —said to be the largest single data breach ever of an email provider—and more bad news emerged later that day about who some of the account owners were. Per Bloomberg , upward of 150,000 military... More »

New Ashley Madison Dump Includes CEO's Emails

This latest one is twice as big as the first

(Newser) - The Ashley Madison hackers may have just leaked CEO Noel Biderman's emails as part of a much larger data dump today, Gizmodo reports. The majority of this newest leak, which is twice the size of the previous 10-gigabyte leak , appears to be the business and corporate emails of the... More »

In Ashley Madison Dump: 15K Government Emails

Data stolen from infidelity website could spawn 'blackmail archive'

(Newser) - Data stolen in last month's hack of cheating website and released yesterday has revealed approximately 15,000 government email addresses, creating what CSO calls a massive "blackmail archive." Email addresses found within the nearly 37 million records made public are registered to the White House,... More »

Ashley Madison Hackers Post Stolen Data of 'Dirtbags'

This could get embarrassing for a lot of people very quickly

(Newser) - The hackers behind last month's data breach of , one of the foremost websites for "married individuals seeking partners for affairs," have posted the stolen data online, Wired reports. The 9.7 gigabytes of information posted on the "dark web" seem to include account details,... More »

The Most Worrisome Part of the Anthem Hack

Thieves could rack up charges, alter medical records

(Newser) - Health insurer Anthem says medical data and credit card details were not taken in a huge data breach , but analysts warn that the stolen medical ID numbers could be an even bigger headache for customers. Identity thieves could use the numbers to rack up their own medical charges—and in... More »

Ex-Employees Sue Sony

Class-action lawsuit hits entertainment giant for failing to protect data

(Newser) - The hits just keep coming for Sony Pictures Entertainment: In the wake of threatening legal action against media outlets who publish data from the November hack, the entertainment giant is now being sued itself—by two former employees, for not protecting their data. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the... More »

Hackers Hit 1K StubHub Accounts, Bought Tickets

Online ticket reseller says it gave out refunds, arrests coming

(Newser) - Last year, StubHub officials noticed a slew of unauthorized transactions, quietly refunded affected customers, and brought in law-enforcement officials. Authorities are today expected to make arrests involving a huge cyberfraud ring in which thieves hacked into more than 1,000 StubHub accounts, reports the AP . The StubHub site itself wasn’... More »

Target CEO Exits After Giant Hack

CFO temporarily takes over for Gregg Steinhafel

(Newser) - Target's CEO is leaving his post after a hack of its systems saw 70 million customers' personal information stolen over the holidays. Gregg Steinhafel, who has been with the company for 35 years, is resigning immediately. He will be replaced, for the time being, by chief financial officer John... More »

IT Tech Stole Massive Load of Counterterror Intel

US, Britain, others caught in Swiss incident

(Newser) - Millions of pages of sensitive counter-terrorism intelligence from the US, Britain, and other countries was stolen in a massive Swiss data heist over the summer, European security sources now tell Reuters . An IT tech for Switzerland's intelligence service is suspected of swiping the data, and was arrested on those... More »

Man Caught With Stolen Data on 9M People

Greek police catch man with identity card details, tax numbers, and more

(Newser) - A man in Greece has been arrested on suspicion of having stolen 9 million personal data files in what is believed to be the biggest breach of private information the country has ever seen. Police said today that the 35-year-old, whose name was not released, was found in possession of... More »

'Massive' Data Breach May Have Hit MasterCard, Visa

10M cards may be affected

(Newser) - MasterCard is investigating a feared security breach linked to a credit-card processor in the US, it says; Visa has reportedly launched a similar investigation. While the companies are mum about the extent of the problem, financial insiders tell Krebs on Security it's "massive," potentially involving 10 million... More »

Citibank Reveals Massive Data Breach

Info on hundreds of thousands of customers breached

(Newser) - Hackers breached Citibank's systems early last month and may have made off with the personal data of hundreds of thousands of customers, the bank has revealed. The data breach—which Citi admitted after being questioned by the Financial Times —exposed customers' names, account numbers, and contact information. But... More »

Hackers: We've Stolen 1M Sony Passwords

LulzSec claims to have raided Sony Pictures servers

(Newser) - Sony appears to have been hit by the second massive data breach in the space of a few months. A hacker group calling itself "Lulz Security" claims to have broken into servers that run and stolen the passwords, email addresses, and other personal data of a million... More »

Identify Theft Cases Spike, but Hackers Aren't to Blame

Private data lying around in plain view on Internet

(Newser) - Last year the number of identity theft victims in the US jumped 12%, while the number of Internet-related fraud cases went up 23%. But the problem isn't just hackers, say experts: In many cases, we're exposing our private data to anyone and everyone who knows where to look. Atlanta officials... More »

Massive Cyberattack Hits 75K Computers

Sophisticated attack targeted health, tech firms in 196 countries

(Newser) - One of the largest cyberattacks ever discovered has hit more than 75,000 computers worldwide, targeting email, credit card information, corporate data and logins at health and tech companies in 196 countries. The attack, originating from a crime ring based in Eastern Europe, shows that criminal groups are becoming as... More »

Security Site Tots Up What You're Worth to Hackers

Symantec aims to raise cybercrime awareness

(Newser) - A rising number of cybercriminals make their living selling other people's online identities to thieves. Now a new security tool helps you calculate what yours is worth on the black market—and your risk of losing it, IT World reports. The Norton Online Risk Calculator aims to raise awareness of... More »

The 10 Riskiest Web Searches

Hackers target popular search terms

(Newser) - Internet hackers are like pickpockets: They target crowds, and the best place to find them on the web is through search engines, ABC News reports, so thieves tie malware programs to popular word searches. After analyzing more than 2,600 terms, security firm McAfee found these to be the 10... More »

Scientists Admit Why They Steal

(Newser) - Scientists suspected of plagiarism have answered questionnaires explaining why they did it, USA Today reports. After researchers found that 1 in 200 papers is a rip-off, they contacted about 160 alleged thieves for explanations. "Over time, the responses just got crazier and crazier," said one researcher. "There's... More »

Visa, Mastercard Warn of New Data Breach

Alerts issued after malware infects another payment processor

(Newser) - Mastercard and Visa have alerted financial institutions about another serious data breach at a payment processor, Wired reports. The breach, like the massive fraud unveiled at Heartland Payment Systems last month, is believed to have occurred through malicious software. The credit card issuers are refusing to name the processor involved... More »

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