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Plane Skids Off Runway, Barely Avoids Sea

It was a scary landing for Pegasus Airlines in Turkey

(Newser) - A commercial plane that skidded off a runway after landing in northern Turkey ended up dangling precariously off a muddy cliff with its nose only a few feet from the sea, reports the AP . Some of the 168 people on board the Boeing 737-800 described it as a "miracle"... More »

Southwest Plane Lands at Wrong Airport

The flight bound for Branson, Mo., touched down 7 miles away

(Newser) - "The landing was uneventful, and all customers and crew are safe," says a Southwest Airlines rep of Flight 4013. So why is it making headlines? Because the flight, with 124 passengers and another five crew, was supposed to travel from Chicago's Midway to Branson Airport in southwest... More »

FAA: You Can Use Your Tablet, Phone Gate-to-Gate

Change will apply to planes that meet certain criteria

(Newser) - After story upon story about the FAA's declining resistance to passengers' use of electronic devices, the definitive headline has finally arrived: The FAA says airlines can allow passengers to use devices from gate to gate. The AP reports that the change will apply to planes that meet certain criteria... More »

FAA Warms to Gate-to-Gate Gadgets

Ban likely to remain on cell phone calls

(Newser) - For the first time since the 1960s, the FAA's rules on electronic devices could change in a big way. An FAA advisory panel says it's time to start allowing certain gadgets to be used during taxiing, takeoff, and landing, the Wall Street Journal reports. Rules developed decades ago... More »

Tablets May Soon Be Allowed During Takeoff, Landing

Industry group preparing report on in-flight devices

(Newser) - You may not have to switch off that iPad during takeoff much longer. Last year, the FAA established an industry group to look into the effects of in-flight gadget use; by the end of 2013, officials are hoping to announce a more easygoing approach to electronic devices like e-readers. Instead... More »

Distressed Plane Makes Crash Landing in St. Louis

Learjet had 8 people aboard

(Newser) - A distressed Learjet with eight people aboard successfully made an emergency landing in St. Louis' Lambert Field this afternoon after reporting landing gear trouble. Observers on the scene said the landing gear appeared to function. Passengers are disembarking the plane now. Fire trucks, ambulances and emergency crews were on hand... More »

Passenger Tries to Bust Out of Landing Plane

He says he thought the wing was on fire, remains in custody

(Newser) - A Ukrainian man tried to make an early exit during a flight from Boston to Salt Lake City: Just as the plane touched down, he attempted to wrestle his way through the emergency-exit rear doors. He had them partway open before passengers knocked him down, ABC4 reports. Anatoliy Baranovich told... More »

Plane Lands on Engine in Turkey

No one injured in Sky Airlines mishap

(Newser) - A plane en route from Germany landed on its engine at a Turkish airport following the collapse of its landing gear, a Turkish official says. None of the 156 people on board were injured. The landing gear of the Sky Airlines flight broke during the landing at Antalya Airport, causing... More »

Discovery Lands Safely in Fla.

Shuttle made rare pass over Heartland

(Newser) - Space shuttle Discovery is back on Earth. The shuttle and its seven astronauts landed at Florida's Kennedy Space Center this morning, an arrival delayed by rain that popped up right before daybreak. But the sky cleared and Mission Control was able to bring Discovery home. Rain also thwarted yesterday's tries. More »

Discovery Leaves Space Station, Heads for Home

(Newser) - The shuttle Discovery detached from the International Space Station today and began its journey home to Earth, reports. The 13-day mission help resupply and repair the station; the seven crewmembers are scheduled to return to Florida’s Kennedy Space Center at 7:05pm Thursday. More »

Atlantis Lands Safely in Calif.

Stormy Florida weather prompted NASA to go to Plan B

(Newser) - With weather conditions in Florida remaining too soggy for a safe shuttle landing, Atlantis instead touched down at Edwards Air Force Base in California this morning. This was the 53rd west-coast landing for a space shuttle, a $2 million decision made easy by the balmy conditions in the Mojave Desert.... More »

Rerouted Shuttle Lands in Calif.

Wind in Florida could force a California landing

(Newser) - Space shuttle Endeavour touched down at Edwards Air Force Base in California today, after dangerously high wind prevented the crew from landing at its home base in Florida, and NASA ordered the astronauts to take a detour and head for the Left Coast. Endeavour touched down at 4:25pm EST,... More »

Shuttle Returns to Earth

Endeavour makes a rare night landing

(Newser) - The space shuttle Endeavour returned to Earth with a rare night landing to wrap up an ambitious mission to the International Space Station, the AP reports. The shuttle had to land in darkness after NASA called off an earlier attempt because of cloud cover. Astronauts blasted off 16 days ago,... More »

Endeavour Returns Home

Shuttle touches down a day early to beat Hurricane Dean

(Newser) - Endeavour landed safely in Florida this afternoon, a day earlier than planned. Damage sustained during launch didn't affect the space shuttle's return from its 13-day mission, and neither did Hurricane Dean, CNN reports. "Welcome back. You give new meaning to the term 'higher education,' " Mission Control told... More »

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