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Scientists Create 'Paper Battery'

Say technique could someday help fuel electric cars, electronics

(Newser) - Scientists at Stanford University say they’ve created a “paper battery” by coating paper with ink made from silver and carbon nanowires. Earlier research showed those materials can create a battery 10 times as strong as the now-standard lithium-ion variety. The new result: a cheap, powerful and, above all,... More »

Scientists Roll Out Paper Batteries

We're hoping for fold-able cell phones

(Newser) - Scientists have come up with a paper-like substance that can act as a power source, Scientific American reports. The thin, flexible substance—composed of cellulose, carbon nanotubes, and liquid salts—can be used as both a battery and a supercapacitor, which can deliver quick bursts of high power. What's more,... More »

2 Stories