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Discovery of Nazi Sub Dispels a Hitler Myth

The U-boat was sunk and did not reach Argentina, as conspiracy theorists have argued

(Newser) - When one of Germany's most advanced U-boats vanished the day after Nazi forces surrendered in parts of Europe, some speculated that it had carried leaders, maybe even Adolf Hitler, to safety in Argentina, reports CBS News . The conspiracy theory, repeated after World War II, is now officially debunked, according... More »

For 23, WWI U-Boat May Have Become a Coffin

Sunken sub found off the coast of Belgium

(Newser) - Eleven German submarines from World War I have been found sunk in Belgian waters. The latest to be discovered, however, is the "best preserved" of all, officials say. The U-boat, 88 feet long by 20 feet wide, has been found in an undisclosed location off the Belgian coast near... More »

Fishermen Threw Away a 'One-in-a-Billion' Catch

Conjoined twin porpoises found for first time

(Newser) - In all the time humans have been exploring the ocean, there have until now been just nine recorded sightings of conjoined aquatic mammals. That's only partly why the Washington Post calls a recent catch in the North Sea "a one-in-a-billion discovery." Dutch trawlers on May 30 discovered... More »

Hundreds Flee Oil Platforms After Barge Breaks Loose

Storm causes deadly havoc in the North Sea

(Newser) - BP says 150 people have been evacuated from its offshore oil platforms in the North Sea due to an unmanned barge drifting in rough seas toward the Valhall oil field. A company spokesman says the evacuees were taken to other oil fields as a precaution, and that 85 people remained... More »

Mediterranean Anchovies Thriving ... in Britain

British waters are getting a lot warmer

(Newser) - A man fishing off a pier on Britain's east coast was surprised to haul in something he hadn't caught before in 40 years of fishing—a Mediterranean anchovy. "The water has been unusually clear, and we noticed the fish in good numbers in the shade below the... More »

Tsunami Wiped Out Ancient 'Paradise' in North Sea

Huge wave eliminated last settlers on 'Doggerland,' says new research

(Newser) - So where did the inhabitants of an ancient "paradise" in the North Sea known as Doggerland go? Under the waves of a giant tsunami about 8,000 years ago, according to a new study. UK researchers say an enormous landslide off the coast of Norway triggered a 16-foot tsunami... More »

Oil Rig Workers Flee Tilting Rig

Statoil evacuates hundreds in the North Sea

(Newser) - Statoil today evacuated 326 oil rig workers from a North Sea platform after the structure began to tilt, the Norwegian oil company said. A company spokesman said most of the 374 people on the "Floatel Superior" were airlifted by helicopter after one of the floating pontoons started taking on... More »

Does Major Explosion Loom Off Scotland?

Workers evacuated from natural gas platform

(Newser) - A North Sea drilling platform is leaking natural gas, and experts fear the "well from hell" could cause a massive explosion, wreaking havoc on the environment. More than 200 workers have been evacuated from the platform off the Scottish coast; no one is allowed within 3 miles of the... More »

Wind Farms Scaring Off Porpoises

'Bubble curtains' could be the solution

(Newser) - Renewable energy from wind farms comes at the cost of scaring off porpoises, according to a German study of the country's first offshore wind farm. The marine mammals—who depend on their acute hearing for communication, orientation, and finding food—fled the area 30 miles off the German coast while... More »

Webcam Watcher Saves German Stranded on Ice

Floundering tourist was lost on frozen coast, but not to camera

(Newser) - A vigilant Webcam watcher came to the rescue of a feckless German tourist who wandered too far out on the frozen ocean of the country’s northern coast and became disoriented. “He didn't know where to go,” police tell Der Spiegel . “With the unbroken snow and ice,... More »

Overfishing Could Force You to Hold the Anchovies

UK conservation society puts briny salad-topper on ever-growing list of fish to avoid

(Newser) - Anchovies have made a list of "fish to avoid," the Guardian reports—and not for their salty pungency, but because overfishing has left stocks at unsustainable levels. The UK’s Marine Conservation Society—which ranks fish after assessing biology, stock status, and the impact of the farming or... More »

Oceans Get Gloomy Report

Global warming, pollution, fishing all affect marine life

(Newser) - More than 40% of marine ecosystems are being dramatically altered by a combination of pollution, fishing, and global warming, researchers warn in a new study. In fact, no area of the ocean remains unaffected by human activity, reports National Geographic. The biggest problem is global warming, which not only changes... More »

Woman Held in Bomb Threat on British Oil Rig

Officials evacuate 539 workers; incident not terrorist-related

(Newser) - British authorities have detained a 23-year-old woman in connection with a bomb threat that caused an evacuation of hundreds of oil workers from a North Sea oil rig, the BBC says. The woman had been working aboard the platform, which is located about 130 miles northeast off the coast of... More »

Dutch Float Plans for Island in North Sea

If Dubai can do it, why not the Netherlands? Tulip-shaped, of course.

(Newser) - The Dutch are seriously considering building a tulip-shaped island in the North Sea to expand the severely crowded nation and shield the coast from the rising ocean, Reuters reports.  "People live on top of each other in the Netherlands," said a politician.  "We are hungry... More »

Britain Braces for Huge Storm in North Sea

(Newser) - Britain and the Netherlands are bracing  for massive flooding tomorrow as a huge storm in the North Sea churns its way to the coast, BBC reports. The entire coast is under alert for the first time in three decades, says the Dutch Transport Ministry. The storm surge is expected to... More »

Oil Breaks $98 in Advance of Supplies Report

Pipeline attack in Yemen and weak dollar contribute to prices

(Newser) - Oil prices continue to break records, busting beyond $98 a barrel before settling at $97.98 in Singapore today, reports AP. Short-term effects like Monday’s attack on a Yemen pipeline contributed to the hike. Last week’s storms reduced Mexican exports to the US, and traders expected this winter’... More »

Scot Separatists Publish Plans for Independence

In challenge to Brown, seek army, taxation, control of oil reserves

(Newser) - The August lull in British politics has given way to a national debate on an unexpected topic: Scottish independence. The separatist leader of Scotland's regional parliament has published a white paper outlining plans for a referendum and suggesting features of an independent Scotland: its own army, its own EU membership,... More »

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