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Federal Grand Jury Will Look at Clemens' Perjury Case

McNamee, Radomski may help get indictment for lying to Congress over drugs

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury to investigate whether Roger Clemens committed perjury when he told Congress he’d never taken steroids, ESPN reports. The grand jury has subpoenaed Kirk Radomski, who says he supplied Clemens with drugs through the pitcher’s trainer, Brian McNamee. More »

Dealer Says He Sent Clemens HGH

Ex-Mets staffer said to turn over shipping receipts to feds

(Newser) - Admitted drug dealer Kirk Radomski has turned over to federal authorities proof that he mailed human growth hormone to Roger Clemens, the New York Daily News reports. Sources claim Radomski has shipping receipts for HGH kits mailed to Clemens’ Texas mansion. The former Yankees and Houston Astros pitcher is under... More »

'Roids Dealer in Mitchell Report Gets Probation

Radomski's cooperation helped avoid jail time for 10 years of dealing

(Newser) - Kirk Radomski was sentenced to five years probation today for selling speed, steroids and HGH to baseball's top tier from 1995 to 2005, the AP reports. The former Mets clubhouse employee avoided a possible 6 months of jail time because of his extensive cooperation with George Mitchell’s report on... More »

Congress Calls Up Clemens

Pitcher and ex-trainer invited to tell their stories to committee; showdown expected

(Newser) - Roger Clemens, who has vehemently denied the allegations of steroid use made in the Mitchell report, has now been asked to make that pitch under oath in front of a congressional committee, the Washington Post reports. The committee also wants to hear from his former strength trainer, Brian McNamee, along... More »

Segui Admits to Steroid Use

Former major leaguer sticks up for excoriatoed 'roids supplier Radomski

(Newser) - Ex-first baseman David Segui preempted the Mitchell Report yesterday by announcing that he had dabbled in steroids during his playing days, reports the Baltimore Sun. Segui, whose 15-year MLB career began and ended with the Baltimore Orioles, refused to rat out the other users he knew of through contacts with... More »

Major League Steroid Pusher Names Names

Supplier to 'dozens' reveals 'mind-blowing' surprises in investigation

(Newser) - A former assistant to the Mets who sold steroids to "dozens" of major league baseball players has provided investigators with a list of users, including some shocking names, reports The list "is going to blow your mind," promised a source. The information, provided at a... More »

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