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Bones May Belong to Teen Sacrificed to Zeus

Giving credence to legends of human sacrifices in ancient Greece

(Newser) - An ancient legend tells of a man sneaking a human boy into an animal sacrifice to Zeus on Greece's Mount Lykaion and being turned into a wolf as punishment, the Washington Post reports. But despite Plato and others writing about ongoing human sacrifices, archaeologists have never been able to... More »

Zeus, World's Tallest Dog, Dies at Age 5

The Mich. Great Dane towered over his owners at 7 feet 4 inches on his hind legs

(Newser) - It’s going to be a tall order to replace the Doorlags' dog, if that's even possible. The Otsego, Mich., family is mourning Zeus, their beloved Great Dane, who died last week at the age of 5, the AP reports. The colossal canine—who simply died of old age,... More »

Newfound Altar Predates Zeus Worship

Archaeologists uncover evidence of ancient pre-Greek diety

(Newser) - Archaeologists in Greece have unearthed the remains of an altar that predates Zeus worship, the New York Times reports. The evidence of animal sacrifices to an unknown deity thousands of years ago turned up during excavation of a temple to Zeus in Greece's Arcadia region. “We went from BC... More »

Identity Theft Ring Uses Job Ads

Investigators uncover 1.6 million pieces of stolen info

(Newser) - Fraudulent job ads on Monster.com and other websites have been used to obtain personal information to steal thousands of identities, reports Information Week. Researchers at security company Symantec uncovered a major database containing 1.6 million pieces of personal information on an undisclosed number of people who clicked on... More »

4 Stories