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Worst (Un)Retirements in Sports

(Newser) - With Brett Favre mulling yet another unretirement, Will Leitch of New York magazine looks back on the worst unretirements in sports history. They range from cringe-worthy to incomparably cringe-worthy:
  • Ricky Williams: How many drug tests can one man fail?
  • Lance Armstrong: "It’s difficult to come up with a
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Steelers Slog Through 3-0 Win Over Miami

Mother Nature rules on night of yet another Ricky Williams return

(Newser) - A lightning storm delayed Ricky Williams' return to the NFL tonight. And then, as if the Miami Dolphins didn't have enough trouble trying to avoid a "perfect" season, Williams hurt his shoulder and left the game late in the first half of his team's 3-0 loss to the Pittsburgh... More »

NFL Commish Reinstates Ricky Williams

Dolphins now control date of return from fourth pot smoking suspension

(Newser) - Embattled running back Ricky Williams was reinstated to the NFL after an 18-month absence caused by his fourth violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. Miami coach Cam Cameron has not indicated whether the 0-9 Dolphins would reactivate Williams. Even if the team chooses not to use Williams this... More »

Ricky Williams in Bid to Return

Dolphins running back, suspended for drug use, applies for reinstatement

(Newser) - Ricky Williams submitted a request yesterday that the NFL lift his indefinite suspension for violating league drug policy, reports the AP. Williams, still under contract with the Miami Dolphins, was booted from the NFL in April 2006 when he tested positive for marijuana. He failed another test a year later.... More »

Vick Can’t Play in Canada, Either

CFL rule blocks signing other leagues' suspended players

(Newser) - If Michael Vick is suspended from the NFL as expected, he shouldn’t expect to find asylum in Canada. The CFL recently amended its rules to forbid signing a player under suspension in another league, the Toronto Star reports—a reaction to the Ricky Williams flap, not Vick's case. The... More »

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