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2 Years, 30K Miles: Couple Hits the Pan-American Highway

Some people travel on a slightly grander scale

(Newser) - There are road trips crammed with whining about bathrooms, personal space, and whether we're there yet, and then there are road trips five years in the making, crammed with two continents' worth of open road, sunsets, impulse detours, beaches, ruins, and not knowing what's around the corner. Sam... More »

The World's 50 Best Drives

(Newser) - Looking to see the best of the countryside on your summer vacation? National Geographic lists its top 50 road trips, from simply gorgeous to quirky and off-beat:
  • Cheese Trail, Vermont: On this 280-mile loop, sample gorgonzola, gouda, feta, chèvre, and more.
  • Finger Lakes, New York: Go vineyard-hopping on this
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How to Take a Solar Eclipse Road Trip

Hit the right spot and see 93M miles into the distance

(Newser) - Thousands of people will trek to the hinterlands on August 1 just to stand in the dark for three minutes. The reason: a total solar eclipse is set to sweep over a path spanning from China to Canada. Wired clues would-be eclipse chasers in on ways to maximize each sunless... More »

3 Stories