Taco Bell

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Lyft's New Partner: Taco Bell

Idea is to encourage trips through drive-thru on the way home

(Newser) - It's apparently a fairly common question posed to drivers who work for the likes of Lyft or Uber: Is it OK to swing by a fast-food drive-thru on the way home? Now Lyft is not only answering the question in the affirmative, it's encouraging the practice. The company... More »

Indy 500 Racer Robbed at Taco Bell Drive-Thru

Scott Dixon is a victim just hours after winning the pole position

(Newser) - Safe to say that race-car driver Scott Dixon had one of the most memorable days of his life on Sunday. Hours after he won the pole position for this weekend's Indianapolis 500, he got robbed in a Taco Bell drive-thru, reports the Indianapolis Star . Police say that Dixon, wife... More »

Taco Bell Just Making Tortillas Out of Fried Chicken Now

The fast-food chain is taking its Naked Chicken Chalupa national this month

(Newser) - By 2020, all fast-food products will be fried-chicken-based. First KFC replaced buns with fried chicken . Then Burger King booted the potato in favor of Chicken Fries. And on Wednesday, Taco Bell announced its intention to replace the taco shell with, you guessed it, fried chicken. Kotaku reports Taco Bell started... More »

Army Vet After 48-Day Coma: 'I Want Taco Bell'

Who thought a bag of Crunchy Tacos could be this heartwarming?

(Newser) - An Army vet and father of two who, somewhat miraculously, woke from a 48-day coma last month in Florida had one thing on his mind: Taco Bell. USA Today reports 35-year-old Jake Booth slipped into a coma after his bronchitis turned into pneumonia and caused a heart attack. His family... More »

Canada Beats America at Its Own Game, Combines Cheetos and Taco Bell

'I'm moving to Canada'

(Newser) - Something orange and insulting to Mexican culture is sending Americans scurrying for the Canadian border: Taco Bell's Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider. (What did you think we were talking about?) That's right, Taco Bell is now stuffing its popular crunchwraps with jalapeño-flavored Cheetos for what Mashable calls "the... More »

Taco Bell Teases 'Mystery' Menu Item

Is it the 'Quesalupa'?

(Newser) - Taco Bell is keeping a new food product under wraps until the Super Bowl and allowing people to order the item without knowing what it is, the LA Times reports. Brave diners can place orders at this website ($2.99 per, maximum order of five) and pick them up Saturday,... More »

Fired Taco Bell Exec Sues Driver for Recording Beating

He files $5M suit over 'illegal recording'

(Newser) - The Taco Bell exec fired for allegedly assaulting an Uber driver apparently believes that the best defense is a good offense: Benjamin Golden has filed a $5 million lawsuit against driver Edward Caban, claiming that the driver illegally recorded him without his consent and the video of the drunken incident... More »

New Charges for Taco Bell Exec in Uber Beating

He could go to prison for a year

(Newser) - Former Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden has been barred from ever using Uber again, but that could be the least of his problems. The 32-year-old, who was fired after video of him allegedly assaulting an Uber driver went viral, now faces charges of assault and battery, assault on public transportation... More »

Cops: Taco Bell Exec Attacks Uber Driver on Video

Benjamin Golden, 32, is up on charges

(Newser) - A Taco Bell executive has been fired for allegedly assaulting an Uber driver—with the whole thing caught on video . Identified by police as Benjamin Golden, 32, the passenger can be seen on a dashcam video riding in the car of Uber driver Edward Caban in Costa Mesa, Calif., on... More »

This World Series Move Just Won You Free Taco Bell

Chain promised free Crunchwraps for all

(Newser) - The Kansas City Royals won Game 1 of the World Series in a 14-inning thriller that ended early Wednesday morning—and won a free breakfast for everybody in America in the process. Taco Bell promised free AM Crunchwraps—a grilled and stuffed tortilla—for all if a base was stolen... More »

Meth Lab Remnants Found Inside Taco Bell

Cops turned up a couple of hours before breakfast

(Newser) - Cops who received a call about a suspicious person at a Taco Bell in Iowa found two men who had been cooking a lot more than tacos. Two men, one of them a Taco Bell employee, were arrested after police found the remnants of a meth lab inside a utility... More »

Taco Bell's Newest Ingredient: Cap'n Crunch

Chain rolls out icing-filled doughnut holes wrapped in Cap'n Crunch Berries

(Newser) - Depending on your point of view, Taco Bell's latest creation is either culinary atrocity or genius deliciousness: It is the Cap'n Crunch Delight, which Today describes as "sweet little doughnut holes filled with creamy milk icing and enrobed in a delicious layer of Cap'n Crunch Berries... More »

Soon: Get a Cerveza With Your Taco Bell Chalupa

And wine, and mixed-alcohol 'freezes'—but only in one Chicago location (so far)

(Newser) - Anyone who was excited when Taco Bell made a taco out of a biscuit will likely be blown away by this news: The fast-food chain will now be serving beer, wine, and alcohol "freezes," the Chicago Tribune reports. And there's good reason why a Chicago newspaper is... More »

Dozens Busted in 'Fight for $15' Fast-Food Protests

Demonstrators nationwide demand $15 an hour

(Newser) - Dozens of protesters have been arrested in at least two cities so far today during nationwide protests seeking $15 an hour for fast-food workers, reports the AP . At least three people in McDonald's work clothes in New York's Times Square and about two dozen demonstrators at a Detroit... More »

Yo Quiero ... Lobster? Taco Bell Offshoot Goes Posh

'Fast-casual' US Taco Co. opens in Southern Calif.

(Newser) - We're assuming you won't find horse meat at US Taco Co., Taco Bell's new high-end "fast-casual" joint that's designed "to appeal to a sophisticated clientele" in Huntington Beach, Calif., reports the Christian Science Monitor . The cheeky menu includes the "Wanna Get Lei'd"... More »

America's Worst Burgers Found At...

McDonald's, per 'Consumer Reports' subscribers

(Newser) - Love biting a McDonald's burger? Then you're likely not a Consumer Reports subscriber. Some 32,405 subscribers weighed in on their experiences at 65 fast-food and fast-casual chains, and they handed McDonald's the title of worst-tasting burger (on a scale of 1 to 10, the chain's... More »

Taco Bell Reveals Exactly What's In Its Mystery Meat

Sure, 88% is beef, but what about the other 12%?

(Newser) - Taco Bell confirmed back in 2011 that its beef is made up of 88% actual beef , but now the company is explaining exactly what that mysterious other 12% is. Some of the non-beef ingredients "do have weird names," but all of them are "completely safe and approved... More »

Taco Bell Launching Gourmet Spin-Off

A meal at US Taco Co. will cost you upward of $7

(Newser) - On the heels of its new breakfast menu , Taco Bell has something else cooking: a new restaurant that will have nothing to do with Taco Bell. The strategy was revealed last week as parent company Yum Brands showcased a new restaurant called US Taco Co. to food critics and reporters.... More »

Ex-Interns: We Invented the Doritos Taco ... in 1995

And they offer up some proof

(Newser) - While interning for Taco Bell's ad agency in the summer of 1995, four college students took part in a competition. Their idea—which didn't win, yet might seem familiar: a taco shell made out of ... Doritos. Of course, Taco Bell ultimately came out with just that roughly 17... More »

What McMuffin? Taco Bell Makes Run for Breakfast

Chain plans to go head-to-head with McD's

(Newser) - Taco Bell plans to go head-to-head—and burrito-to-burrito—with McDonald's in an effort to grab a big slice of the fast-food breakfast market. The chain plans to launch its breakfast menu at its almost 6,000 locations nationwide late next month, featuring items like the Waffle Taco, a breakfast... More »

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