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Consumer Group Unveils Year's 10 Worst Toys

Fidget spinners, Wonder Woman sword made the list

(Newser) - Fidget spinners, a plastic Wonder Woman battle sword, and a remote-controlled Spider-Man drone are among the toys topping a consumer safety group's annual list of the worst toys for the holidays. World Against Toys Causing Harm, or WATCH, unveiled the top 10 list Tuesday at a Boston children's... More »

Sierra Nevada Recalls Beer in 36 States

Flaw in bottles could cause injury

(Newser) - Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. announced a recall Sunday of certain 12-ounce bottles of its pale ales, IPAs, and other beers after detecting a packaging flaw that could cause a piece of glass to break off into the bottle. In a statement Sunday, the California-based company said the recall applies to... More »

Cyclist Burned After He Falls on His iPhone

Australian Gareth Clear has third-degree burns on his butt

(Newser) - Sydney cyclist Gareth Clear was riding his bike with his iPhone 6 in his back pocket over the weekend when his foot slipped off the pedal and he lost his balance and fell—all par for the course for riders of any level. But he was not expecting his phone... More »

Crib Bumpers Could Be Killing More Babies Than Ever

Despite warnings, new report says bumper-related deaths may have tripled

(Newser) - Despite warnings from groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institute of Health, infant deaths related to padded crib bumpers may have tripled in recent years, Stat reports. A study published Tuesday in the Journal of Pediatrics used data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to identify... More »

Toddler's Death May Spur Desk-Toy Magnet Ban

19-month-old swallowed 'Buckyball'-type magnets

(Newser) - The small rare-earth magnets best known as "Buckyballs" are too dangerous to young children to remain on the market, staff at the Consumer Product Safety Commission have decided. Regulators—who vote on a recommendation to ban the desk-toy magnets later this month unless they're large enough to not... More »

China Recalls 170 Tons of Poison Milk Powder

Tainted products from last scandal likely repackaged

(Newser) - Chinese officials have recalled some 170 tons of milk powder tainted with deadly melamine in the latest evidence that products from the last industrial scandal were repackaged and placed back on the market. The milk has been found in Shanghai and throughout 6 provinces. Hundreds of thousands were sickened and... More »

Fox to Yard Salers: Unloading Wrong Toy Could Cost You $15M

CPSC launches push to stop the resale of recalled toys

(Newser) - Selling the wrong toy at a yard sale could lead to a fine of up to $15 million under a new government policy, Fox News reports. The Consumer Product Safety Commission's "Resale Round-Up" aims to stamp out the sale of used toys that have been recalled due to high... More »

Killer Bathrobes Recalled

Safety officials warn that robes are fire hazard blamed for six deaths

(Newser) - Safety officials have reissued a recall notice on a type of chenille robe after the deaths of six people, the Los Angeles Times reports. Officials warn that the robes fail to meet safety standards and catch fire extremely easily. All six victims died after their robes caught fire while they... More »

Obama Picks New Consumer Safety Chair

Wants SC education superintendent to head expanded agency

(Newser) - President Obama is turning to South Carolina's former education superintendent to head an expanded Consumer Product Safety Commission, an embattled agency that has been criticized by advocates for being too cozy with industry, the AP reports. The president was set today to propose two more seats on the panel and... More »

US Firms Balk at EU Crackdown on Chemicals

Tough new regs shift burden to proving products are safe

(Newser) - The European Union has passed a series of tough new laws requiring companies to prove that the chemicals in their products are safe, the Washington Post reports. The rule is the exact opposite of US law—which requires proof that a chemical is dangerous before it can be regulated—and... More »

Mattel Gets Tough on Chinese Suppliers

Second recall was a serious wake-up call

(Newser) - The first batch of lead-tainted toys it had to recall, Mattel wrote off as an isolated incident—"a single vendor who made a big mistake.” But when it came to recalling 1.5 million unsafe Barbie dolls, Sarge jeeps and other toys made in China, the company knew... More »

China Declares War on Tainted Exports

Beijing launches 4-month national campaign

(Newser) - In an effort to counteract the flood of bad publicity about its product-safety system, China will mount a 4-month "war" on tainted exports that focuses on whipping government officials into shape, Reuters reports. The short-term campaign is "a special battle to protect the health and personal interests of... More »

SpongeBob? Not You, Too!

Another recall of 300,000 Chinese toys hits America

(Newser) - Some 300,000 more toys and other children's items made in China have been recalled due to safety concerns about lead. That includes 250,000 SpongeBob journals and address books with lead paint on the metal bindings. The journals, imported by privately held Martin Designs Inc., were sold in US... More »

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