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20% of Supplements Illegally Labeled: Feds

Diet and immune-boosting supplements make false, dangerous claims, feds say

(Newser) - Dieters beware: A new report has found that dozens of dietary supplements out there bear labels that make false, illegal claims that could pose a major threat to consumers, the AP reports. Federal investigators purchased 127 types of supplements both online and in stores and found that 20% made unsubstantiated... More »

Ammonia an Ingredient in More Than Pink Slime

Health officials gave ammonium hydroxide the OK in 1974

(Newser) - If you were appalled by the revelation that the meat industry grinds up beef byproducts and gives them a nice ammonia bath, steel yourself: Experts say ammonia compounds are pretty commonly used in food. Ammonium hydroxide, which was given the OK by health officials in 1974, is added to milk... More »

Calls Brew for Labeling Sneaky Caffeine

Lack of info makes it tough to reduce consumption

(Newser) - The popularity of ice creams, yogurts, and even jelly beans with high caffeine levels is causing experts to call for labels listing how much a product contains. Manufacturers aren't currently required to disclose caffeine levels, and advocates for stricter labeling say this makes it difficult for people to cut back... More »

Wal-Mart Plans Eco-Rating Labels

(Newser) - Wal-Mart plans to begin asking suppliers to provide info on the environmental impact of their operations so the store can put so-called green rating labels on its products, the Wall Street Journal reports.The first cards probably won't appear for a few years, but given Wal-Mart's clout as the world's... More »

Supreme Court OKs Lawsuits Over 'Light' Cigarettes

State laws allow for legal action for alleged deceptive marketing

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled today that lawsuits may proceed against tobacco companies for allegedly deceptive marketing of “light” cigarettes. In a 5-4 split won by the court’s liberals, the court said smokers may use state consumer-protection laws to sue over such promotional methods. The decision was at odds... More »

Whole Foods' Labels Tell Half the Story

Food chain's labels don't provide enough information about allergens

(Newser) - Eat, drink, and be wary, chocolate lovers: Whole Foods may not be telling you the whole story about its premium chocolate bars, reports the Chicago Tribune. In an investigation into product labels that promised “good manufacturing practices.” the Trib found that the supermarket chain’s chocolate bars contained... More »

Feds Mandate Nation-of-Origin Labels for Meat, Produce

But new law covers as little as possible: critics

(Newser) - Grocery shoppers will soon be able to tell their Argentine steak from their Midwest chicken at a glance, as a new federal law mandating nation-of-origin labels kicks in Sept. 30. Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) will cover everything from fruit and nuts to beef, lamb, and chicken, reports the Chicago ... More »

Americans Have Less in Their Shopping Carts

Downsizing on the rise, whether consumers notice it or not

(Newser) - Food prices are rising, but thanks to some chicanery on product labels, many Americans may not realize it. Instead of raising prices, manufacturers are slimming cereal boxes, juice cartons, and bars of soap, and they’re doing it very quietly. If asked, they’ll say it offsets rising fuel and... More »

Label to Die for: 'Danger— Avoid Death'

Bizarre caution nails wacky warning contest

(Newser) - Turns out creators of the bizarrely macabre warning posted on a tractor—"Danger: Avoid Death"—didn't make such a grave mistake after all. The warning was so peculiar that it won the 11th annual Wacky Warning Label Contest, an event run by a lawsuit abuse group.  Second... More »

USDA Yanks Tyson's Coveted ‘No Antibiotics' Tag

USDA reverses on consumer-friendly label, hurting poultry producer

(Newser) - The USDA has revoked permission for Tyson to label its chicken “raised without antibiotics,” a major blow to a company that has spent tens of millions trumpeting the tag it won in May. The government says it erred in granting the label, because Tyson’s poultry feed contains... More »

Viagra Linked to Hearing Loss

FDA puts warning label on popular sex drugs

(Newser) - Add hearing loss to the list of potential side effects of Viagra and other drugs to treat sexual dysfunction. The federal Food and Drug Administration will add a warning about the risk to the labels of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and a hypertension drug, Revatio, which contains the same ingredient as... More »

FDA Eyes New Sunscreen Labels

Labels would include cancer warning and a rating system

(Newser) - The FDA is proposing new regulations for sunscreen labels, added a rating for protection from skin cancer as well as sunburn. Current sunscreen ratings for SPF—sun protection factor—cover only ultraviolet "B" rays, which cause sunburn. The FDA wants to start testing and rating products for ultraviolet "... More »

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